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 Elle Draper

The people of Vélez-Blanco

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This evening (August 18 2017) the people of Vélez-Blanco were celebrated in the unveiling of Alan’s ongoing project to photograph our neighbours within this friendly town that we now call home.

Already, Alan has photographed more than 80 of Vélez-Blanco’s residents and with more to come, the project looks set set to grow even further. All of the images are being made available to the town hall for their archives.

The first 84 images were unveiled this evening in the town theatre by the Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Culture, Dietmar Roth. A good number of people were there to view the images for the first time (although unfortunately I wasn’t one of them due to last minute events), including the town’s residents plus friends from further afield (you know who you are – thank you!)

Dietmar and the team at the Town Hall take culture in Vélez-Blanco very seriously, and there are regular events here in the town. It was great to see the enthusiasm at the Town hall and among the residents of the town when Alan first announced his plans. We have received such support since arriving here a year ago, and we feel extremely welcome.

Special thanks must go to Joaquín Sánchez García for being Alan’s personal assistant during the project. Without his help, it would have been much more difficult to reach people and explain in depth what Alan was trying to achieve. Joaquín “got” the idea straight away and has been an absolute star! Also – thanks to Joaquín’s lovely Mum, Isidora, who has been out publicising the project to everyone that will listen and posting flyers all over the town. Thanks to Dietmar for all his support and translation assistance, as well as promoting the event in the Spanish press. Last but not least –  big thanks to all of the townsfolk already involved and all those yet to come.

If you are a resident of Vélez-Blanco and would like to be photographed as part of the project – drop an email to info@spainbuddy.com with your name and a phone number and Alan will call you back.

For those of you that couldn’t make it – or who would simply like to see these first photographs from the collection… here you go! The video does have sound – a lovely piece of music.

You can read more about Alan’s motivation for this fabulous ongoing project by clicking HERE

Alan’s photography is completely self funded, but if you would help to support him further – please do join the other Patrons by subscribing HERE. Benefits (in addition to feeling warm and fluffy about supporting his work) to Patrons include prints, personal photography mentoring and more.

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