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Tango in Albox

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Enjoy a show with music and dance? Then how about a bit of tango in Albox, Almeria? The Argentinian group Arcos de Buenos Aires will be performing at the Salon de Actos Federico García Lorca next month.

Tango in Albox

The show kicks off at 8:30pm on Saturday June 11 2016 in the concert hall at the ayuntamiento and tickets are selling fast, so don’t delay in getting yours if you would like to enjoy this music and dance extravaganza.

The Arcos de Buenos Aires Tango Show is an orchestra comprised of violin, viola, cello and contrabass. It was started by violinist and conductor Walter Oscar Tejeda Carranza who has performed with numerous orchestras as well as playing solo. The orchestra will be accompanied by Argentina’s National Dance Company.

In addition to touring Argentina, the orchestra has also performed around the world. Settled in Spain now, they are bringing tango throughout Europe.

This is a great opportunity for Albox residents and visitors to enjoy a world class performance on their doorstep.

This particular show chronicles the history of tango from its humble beginnings in 1900, through when it was banned… up to the currect day when it is enjoying a resurgence. Musical numbers such as “El dia que me quieras”, La Cumparsita”, “Felicia”, “Verano Porteño” and “Fuga y Misterio” are included.

You can book your tickets by telephoning (in Spanish) 660 753 246. The tickets cost just €10 apiece.

For more information about the performers, you can visit http://www.arcostangoshow.com

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