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Ssshhh… don’t tell Alan!

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Ssshhh… don’t tell Alan! He’s away in England at the moment, caring for an elderly family member. I felt it was about time we gave him a bit of a plug and ask you for a little help.

Ssshhh... don't tell Alan

Image ©Spain Buddy|Alan Gandy. Copyright notice

I really just wanted to flag up what a top bloke he is – plodding away in the background supporting others.

Friends and regular readers will probably know that in addition to the work Alan puts into our business Alan is a photographer and artist. If you didn’t know that before reading this you do now! If you’ve known us for any length of time you’ll know that Alan has also done a lot for others. In 2012 he walked across all seven of the Canary Islands and raised thousands for charity doing that, and only last year he dropped everything to travel to the UK and bring a specially adapted van back to Spain for a young lady, called Tasha, in La Marina who needed it (along the way we also raised a hearty sum of money for Tasha’s ongoing healthcare too). Over the years he’s done other things you won’t necessarily have heard about too. If there’s no need to raise funds he won’t speak about it publicly. He’s first in line to help others out…  often at his own expense. He’s even been known to rescue kittens – and that’s really pushing it for him!

Whilst he’s away I wanted to do something to help him for a bit of a change (and hopefully surprise him under the radar – if that’s possible) whilst he’s busy looking after the relative he’s sorting things out for and sharing a few beers with old friends too *cough*.

Here’s how you can help

Recently Alan set himself up a page on Patreon. Patreon is a website that allows individuals to donate to artists and other creative people to help raise funds to finance their art work – he’s not had a chance to promote it himself much whilst we’ve had this personal stuff hanging over us in the background. I’d like to ask you to support him on there if you can, which you can do from as little as $1 a month. There are various options you can choose offering ‘free stuff’ from him in return for your support.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t like everything that Alan photographs. I’m probably his most vocal critic (art is subjective after all). However, there are some pieces of his that I absolutely adore – the photo in this article being a good example.

Alan has quite a distinctive “style” and he is well respected among his professional peers (that will be those photographer types that know a lot more than I do about all this picture-y stuff). He takes his art very seriously – he’s not a “here’s a pretty photo of a tourist hotspot” kinda chap. If I had a euro for every time he rolled his eyes or banged on about ‘bloody clichés’ I’d be a wealthy woman!

What’s in it for me? Well… if he can raise some cash in this way via Patreon he says he’s going to spend more time out travelling and taking photographs. This is a win win for me personally! It would get him out of my face – I get so much more achieved when he’s not chipping in my ear. Also, he’s always far less grumpy than usual when his head is buried in his projects rather than me finding him things to do. Plus he’ll be bringing home plenty of inspiration and content for Spain Buddy too – so that’s an extra bonus for you, our readers, too.

Do please have a look at his Patreon page to find out some more about his work and consider helping him make more time for his photography projects! I am sure that you could spare $1 (or more of course!!) per month to help him pursue his art… and for me to regain a little sanity.

Thank you!

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