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Spanish summer spending habits

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A study by Tiendeo has examined Spanish summer spending habits and discovered that Spaniards spend €270 more per month on entertainment during the summer.

Spanish summer spending habits

Tiendeo.com, a leading portal in catalogues and online offers in Spain, has conducted a study with the aim of shedding light on the spending habits of the Spanish during the summer.

The study analysed the spending habits of Spanish people in summer and found that 56 per cent of consumers plan to increase their monthly expenditure for restaurants and bars at an average of €165 per person.

During the same summer period, Spaniards prefer to cut back on their spending in fashion and food, with special offer catalogues in those two areas being the most sought.

The study concluded that the largest increase in spending during these months is be allocated to leisure time, with 41 per cent of users saying they will increase their spending on leisure activities (going to the cinema, visiting amusement parks, etc. ) at an average of 270 € per month, while 56 per cent of Spaniards are planning to increase investment in eating out in a €165 monthly average.

With summer sales just kicking off, the Spaniards also seek a bargain or five during this period… indicating that fashion purchases focus the interest of consumers. The Tiendeo survey revealed that 49 per cent of users are looking for bargains on clothing and footwear and 30 per cent of consumers are interested in what food promotions are available.

Looking to find the best deals and plan their shopping in summer, the Spaniards prefer online shopping. 89 per cent of those interviewed by Tiendeo browse websites and brochures online, while 59 per cent prefer leafing through paper. Based on the results obtained from the survey, 44 per cent of consumers choose to use both formats.

Change in eating habits

According to the survey Tiendeo, 1 in 4 users say they will stop buying certain products, reflecting a change in the type of diet during the summer period. 26 per cent of consumers will stop buying pre-cooked vegetables, soups and creams, so “spoon dishes” remain absent from the daily diet of the Spaniards in the summer. It also noted a 15 per cent decrease buying sweets and pastries.


We see in summer a consumer profile that tends to spend more on leisure activities but which, however, prefer to plan your purchases and maximise their saving potential in other areas such as fashion or food, while simultaneously revealing a growing interest in online tools.

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