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America First. Spain Second! VIDEO

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By now you have probably seen the video ‘Holland Second’ where the Dutch Government (actually it’s a comedy show that made the video) appeal to Donald Trump after America First to place Holland Second (in his own voice and using his own warped logic).

Well, this has turned into quite something of a phenomenon across Europe now with the late night comedy shows of other nations joining in. I have to say my particular favourite is the German contribution; you know where it’s headed when they point out to Trump “Ve Haf Ze Best Leaders”…

Anyway, to cut to the chase, here’s the Spanish appeal from the Late Motiv show (Movistar+) to the narcissistic Bond style villain that is Trump to please put Spain Second.

All those who pretend to be second, total losers. It’s disgusting. Spain is second, totally true, watch the video, it’s fenomenal. Fantastic. America First but of course, Spain second.

At a time when it seems like the world is going to hell in a handcart, at a time when the the UK government is sucking up to this wannabe dictator whilst they insanely burn their bridges with our European friends, I’m finding this terribly entertaining. It’s wonderful to see quality satire with such pointed and relevant messages. And it’s good to see Europe (well the bit that doesn’t need bridges – or tunnels) sticking together!

Just as much fun is the Twitter account on which you can see the countries of Europe taking the p*ss out of each other and having fun doing so. Now that is heartening, that’s grown up!

You’ll also find there’s a website showing which countries have joined in, and there is also a Facebook page.


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