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Sarah Paye – Interview

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Sarah Paye is a Wiltshire lass who now lives in Javea on the eastern coast of Spain. If waxing is your thing, Sarah’s your gal. If you would like to be featured on the Spain Buddy website, click the link under the article.

Sarah Paye

When did you move to Spain, and where from?

September 2013 from a hamlet in Wiltshire.

Who came with you?

My husband and 3 cats

Where in Spain do you live now?

Javea, Alicante.

What things (apart from loved ones) do you miss from your country of birth?

Being able to do your grocery shop in one shop not 6!

Do you work? As what?

I have 2 jobs, I’m an intimate waxer & nail technician and I’m an Independent Scentsy Consultant.

How are you with speaking Spanish?

My Spanish is good but not fluent

If you could change one thing about Spain… what would that be?

Animal cruelty upsets me, and whilst it has delivered us two beautiful cats I’d rather people were more responsible with regard to neutering

What are the best things about living in Spain?

  • I was born to be warm
  • I love good wine
  • You can usually book a party in June and know you will be outside in the fresh air without needing a coat!

What are your favourite Spanish dishes?

  • Anything with chorizo
  • Pulpo de gallega
  • Boquerones
  • Anything with prawns

What is the predominant nationality of your friends in Spain?


If you won the Euromilliones – would you still live where you currently are? Why? Why not?

In Javea yes, this house, no – we’d buy a 2nd property. (We rent our own place on a long term basis and rent one for ourselves.

If a movie was made about your life – who would play you? Why?

Carol Vorderman because everyone says I look like her

If you had to describe yourself as a cocktail… what would you be, and why?

I’m not sure about that, probably something with a spicy twist…

Right – now is the chance to tell us all about your business/website/blog if you have one (or more of course).

I’m a well respected intimate waxer with clients of all nationalities. When someone searches for waxers in Javea – it’s my name that appears. facebook.com/unasymasjavea

Continuing the wax theme, I’m an Independent Scentsy Consultant selling wickfree/flameless wax warmers. Safer than candles, no soot or toxins – and more cost effective than jar candles. Lots of pretty designs to choose from and over 80 fragrances. www.javeawaxqueen.scentsy.es

Want to be featured on this website?

If you would like to get involved and be featured on the website… we would love to hear from you! The only criteria is that you are a non-Spanish national and that you either live in Spain… or have a very strong connection to it. You must also have a good photograph (your head and shoulders) You can submit your own answers via the following link: www.spainbuddy.com/interview.

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