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More About Pets on Acciona Trasmediterranea

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If you’ve been following the story, I’ve had my differences in the past with Acciona Trasmediterranea over the transportation of pets on their fleet. Also, if you’ve followed the story I’ve since been in discussions with them, and met them recently to discuss the improvements they have made since my original complaint. The improvements so far, and the extent of the improvements made already have seriously impressed me, to say the least.

UPDATE: Since this article was written Acciona Trasmediterránea have returned the Albaycin to the route and the facilities and customer service have reverted to their original shameful state. If you want to read the original article you can find it HERE. I strongly recommend that no dog lover ever transport their pets with this company. I certainly wouldn’t!

I’m more than happy to give them a plug for another recent improvement that was discussed when I met them a few weeks ago that I couldn’t mention on the original post following the meeting. (Click here to read that post and see the history of the story):

In addition to the improvements listed on my original post, the company has now announced a new policy which allows smaller dogs and cats in pet carriers to travel with their owners on-board the company’s fast ferry services.

Pets on Ferries

You can find out which routes offer this service when booking on the Acciona Trasmediterranea website.

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