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 Alan Gandy

Pet friendly holidays in Spain

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This is something of an unashamed plug for, well, us! If you’ve spent any time on this site you may have noticed some advertising for PetFriendlyBreaks.com. This website is another site run by ourselves focussing on Pet friendly holidays in Spain.

The Boys!If you are looking for a destination to visit where you can bring your pets along we have a number of holiday rental properties in Spain that allow pets to choose from.

It’s hardly a secret that we are major dog lovers and have three fair sized hounds ourselves!

One of the reasons for moving to the mainland from the Canaries was to allow ourselves more opportunities to travel, and not being the type to leave them in kennels we were curious as to what was available where we could take the dogs with us.  We were surprised to find we couldn’t find any websites that fulfilled our needs in terms of the information available – so, we made one! Yes, there were plenty of sites with a ‘tick’ saying ‘pets welcome’, but none with details of what types, numbers and the other information pet owners need to make an informed choice.

We now have several hundred properties all over the world on the site, most allow dogs and cats, but some go even further, for example, a couple are able to cater for horses!

If you are a holiday property owner of pet friendly accommodation in Spain you might be interested to know that inclusion on the site is absolutely free. No strings! Should you want to include your villa, apartment, camp site or any other type of accommodation you can submit your details and photographs by clicking here.

Perhaps if you are in Spain we may even come and visit you ourselves if you’ll have us and the three boys!



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