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 Alan Gandy

Over 40 is now ‘senior’ in Spain – apparently!

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If it wasn’t so offensive this would be comical!

Yesterday I turned 50, and in no way do I feel ‘senior’, I’m as fit as, and live my life in much the same way as I did, when I was thirty. I wrote about my feelings on ageing on my personal blog (click here if you want to read the article).

dating in spainI’ve always found the ‘over 50s’ marketing somewhat absurd. I have about as much in common with June Whitfield who is now offering me a free Parker Pen, for simply enquiring about funeral expenses insurance, as I do the Pope. It’s lazy marketing to lump any 50 to 100 year old together as making up the ‘silver pound’! However lazy it is, we’re all used to the notion of a saga generation. What happened to the days – all those years ago when I was a kid – when the word ‘senior’ applied on receipt of a bus pass and a pension book?

Imagine my surprise at finding the entry level to ‘senior’ is coming down even further (according to some). I stumbled today on a website that describes itself as;

“…the place for the over-40s in Spain to find a partner or just new friends”

After initially using it to point out to Elle (some may say take the p***), that at 41 she is also, like me, now officially ‘senior’, it sank in just how ridiculous this description is.

As if over 50s marketing isn’t patronising enough!

If you’re forty going on ninety and desperate, interested in dating in Spain, and quite possibly a little weird visit seniordatingagency-spain.com

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