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New Semana Santa route for Malaga

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Cofradias are proposing a new Semana Santa route for Malaga. The new route, as proposed by Head of Sagrada Cena, Rafael López Taza will replace the current route through Alameda Principal and Calle Larios.

New Semana Santa route for Malaga

The proposed route first needs to pass the inspection and approval of the other Cofradia heads before being implemented.

Rafael López Taza has been commissioned by the Cofradia Group President, Pablo Atencia, and the Commission President, José Maria Souvirón.

The route, which differs from that initially proposed by Rafael López Taza, will start in the Plaza de la Constitucion before heading Southbound down Calle Larios, diverting up through Calles Liborio Garcia, Mesón de Vélez, Antonio Baena and Martínez. Then it’s down Calle Atarazanas, Torregorda and Alameda Principal. Then join Calle Larios northbound, entering at Calle Bolsa and leaving at Molina Lario ot reach the base of the unfinished tower at the cathedral. At this point the route would take either Calle Postigo de los Abades or the Obispo plaza.

The difference to the new route initially propposed is that it should go through Calle Bolsa rather than Calle Strachan which would have presented some difficulties.

To avoid any collisions when Calle Larios is being used both north and southbound, two grandstands would be erected to keep everything flowing.

Another new addiion to the route is Calle Molina Lario. Three stands are to be erected – One at right angles to the end of Calle Bolsa, and two running parallel along Calle Molina Lario, alongside Calle Strachan and Postigo de los Abades.

The new route


One of the issues that needs to be addressed is the removal of chairs and tyables from terraces of various restaurants along the route so the procession can pass freely.  Local sources indicate that some financial compensation may be made available to those businesses likely to be affected adversely.

So far so good

Early discussions are looking promising. Meetings have already been held with varying levels of assent. Obviously the finer details are yet to be ironed out, including delayed procession times to ensure everything runs like clockwork and any affected businesses are supported.

If it all goes to plan and is approved, the new route would be in use from Easter 2017

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