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Musicians and dancers required in Almeria

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It is no secret that the owners of Spain Buddy are dog lovers. With three rescue boys of our own, we often get behind various “good causes”, although we obviously can’t support everyone or we’d have no money left for dog biscuits for our own lads!

Musicians and dancers required in Almeria

A happy re-homed galgo called Alan. No, he’s not named after Spain Buddy’s Alan… but he’s landed on all four paws with his adopted parents Sue and Phil at Hidden Spain

This weekend, we got to know new residents in Almeria, Pete and Sylvia Martin, who have moved to Huercal-Overa. They have something special in the pipeline – all to raise much needed funds for a particular breed of dog.

Pete is organising a marathon violin playing event to raise funds for animal rescue charity ‘Galgos del Sol’. He is particularly seeking more violinists, piano accordianists and Irish dancers. he has a bagpipe player, but could do with some more Scottish music and dancers. American music and dancers (they have a line dancing team), English music and dancers (they are hoping to hold a barn dance). They have been offered a PA system, but need lights.

Here is what Pete has to say, “The event will involve many musicians, singers and dancers joining in with me during the day to provide a wide variety of different musical styles. The programme of musical contributions has yet to be finalized but will comprise classical music, folk music, singing and dancing and it is hoped to involve local school children to sing traditional Spanish folk songs and perform traditional Spanish folk dances as well as adult Spanish musicians and dancers.”

Galgos del Sol is a registered charity based in Murcia. They rescue galgos, rehabilitate them, and then re-home them where they can. Galgos are a type of greyhound and are very common here in Spain. These gentle, graceful dogs are believed to be the oldest of the sighthound dogs. You can find out more about Galogs Del Sol on their website HERE

In Spain, galgos are used for racing, but more commonly for hunting. Our neighbours have a number of them (yes, they are all well fed and cared for).

Unfortunately, each year, a large number of these gentle beasts are killed in the most horrific ways. They are often left behind after a hunt, thrown out of moving vehicles, or worse hung by the neck with just the tips of their paws touching the ground. You may wish to read Alan article about hanging dogs in Spain.

Sadly, this type of abuse is not a rarity in Spain. They are often seen as an expendable “asset”.

The fundraising music event is aiming to bring British and Spanish neighbours together in a spirit of cooperation to generate funds for this really good cause. The event is expected to last somewhere between 12 and 15 hours and it is hoped to stage it in late October or early November. Spain Buddy will keep you informed of course! UPDATE: The Town hall has jumped on board with permissions, seating and a stage… and just the date needs confirming now. There will be a need for printing flyers and posters, so any sponsors are appreciated. Every little helps. Also, if you can help with a bouncy castle…. or have a stall – speak to Pete today!

This is not Pete’s first musical fundraising event – he has also organised something very similar in Cyprus to raise money for ‘Tulips’ a local cancer association. In that event Pete played for 12 hours straight!

If you would like to get involved, please contact Pete using the contact form below


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