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Murcia disabled to benefit from Bonotaxi

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211 people with disabilities in Murcia city are to benefit from the new aid scheme, Bonotaxi. The Department of Social Rights in the city has invested more than €84000 in the new program.

Murcia disabled to benefit from Bonotaxi

The Department of Social Rights, headed up by Conchita Ruiz, has awarded in the current year individual financial support to a total of 211 persons with severe mobility issues so that they can benefit from Bonotaxi.

These grants, known as Bonotaxi, have assumed an individual average amount of 400 euros and an investment of the City of more than 84,000 euros.

The purpose of this program is to provide an economic benefit to help offset the costs of taxi rides to disabled people with serious problems who may otherwise struggle on public transport. Currently, many disabled people may struggle to get out and about, often relying on friends and family… or simply not being able to attend various events, classes or meetings.

Aid can be allocated to assist travel to a variety of destinations, including vocational training centres, work centres, rehabilitation centres, medical examinations and hospital visits, cultural activities and entertainment.

Such grants are processed annually. Anyone registered as a resident in Murcia who suffers from a recognised mobility disability and that has this as a legal status and the documentation to prove such is eligible to apply. These are people that for whatever reason, may not be able to use standard public transport such as buses.

After application, the applicant’s socioeconomic circumstances will be taken into account.

The deadline for applications for the next year is at the end of March 2017.

Applications can be made at the Derechos Sociales at Murcia town hall, who will also be able to answer any further questions.

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