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Meet Nublo – Las Palmas’ furry copper! (Video)

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It’s no secret that we love dogs at Spain Buddy. So, as a Friday afternoon treat: Meet Nublo – Las Palmas’ furry copper!

Meet Nublo - Las Palmas' furry copper!

Image taken from video

Nublo is a clever boy, who helps his two-legged companions to sniff out all manner of dodgy goods such as drugs.

Nublo, Las Palmas Policia Local’s smallest “officer” was first introduced to us all in the spring of 2016, and since then he has been earning his treats and being a very good boy for his trainers at the Policia Local station in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. Nublo’s hunting genes made him perfect for his role as “sniffer dog.”

He is energetic and playful, but he takes his job very seriously. He stays very close to his handler until he is told to go find the drugs and then he’s off!!! Of course, once he has found what he is supposed to be looking for… he lets his handler know who then rewards him with his favourite toy – a bright yellow tennis ball.

Nublo’s new job began when he was 18 months old and he has learned so quickly and enamoured all around him.Despite his young age, and feisty character, Nublo is surprisingly obedient. But then he should be – his Mum & Dad are police dogs in Madrid!

Nublo works daily with UCAPOL, the Canine Unit attached to GOIA-UE (Operative Group for Intervention and Support) in Las Palmas. Do not be fooled – even the bad guys think he’s cute until he finds their drugs. Once he has his dinky police jacket on, he knows it’s time to work. He loves his job!!

Nublo is a Jagd Terrier. Jagds originate from Germany originally, and they were first used for hunting – above and below ground. They are also known as German Hunt Terriers.

Turn the sound up on this video and prepare to fall in love as you watch Nublo on a typical day at work.

And if that wasn’t enough for you – then have a look at a typical day at work for Nublo.

Yes – you’re welcome!!

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