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 Ayuntamiento de Adeje

Let’s clean up Adeje

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The town council are asking for help to clean up Adeje during the European Week for Waste Reduction, an  initiative aiming to promote the implementation of awareness-raising actions about sustainable resource and waste management during a single week.

Let's clean up Adeje

It encourages a wide range of audiences (public authorities, private companies, civil society as well as citizens themselves) to get involved.  Here in Adeje the council and various partners have organised an intensive week of activities from November 21st to 26th as well as an on-going commitment to waste reduction, reuse and recycling.

The activities are designed to encourage the reduction of waste production, increase the rate of recycling in the borough – even though Adeje is already in the top 3 regionally – and use the week to inform, encourage innovation, participation and education in the field.

Launching the week of activities, Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga said the main objective was “to strengthen our commitment to action to prevent waste production, something we have been committed to for years.  For today’s citizen waste is a by-product, but for a tourist destination such as ours waste management is something that can make the difference, because intelligent destinations have to be sustainable socially, economically and environmentally”.

Throughout next week there will be activities on raising awareness among the populace, but with particular emphasis on businesses in the borough, explained the mayor.  “A large part of the waste production comes from the tourist sector, and it’s very important that we use all the means at our disposal to reduce waste and reuse what we can.  That we live on an island is also relevant, as what is produced here stays here.   Waste is one of the most pressing problems in an advanced modern society”.

Adeje’s councillor for municipal services, Carmen Rosa González Cabrera outlined the programme of activities during European Week for Waste Reduction here in Adeje, saying “we are working to inform, innovate, participate, incentivise, and learn to manage waste, the environment and sustainable tourism.  Adeje has a good record in comparison with other parts of the archipelago regarding recycling material collection, but we are always looking to improve”.  The council, with the Ascan Torrabonaf sanitation company, have drawn up an action plan with an important working day on November 24th including participation from the tourism sector, a mini Ecofair with workshops and demonstrations for students and the public in general.

Schools and businesses are also being encouraged to take part and will be present at workshops and interactive events during the week, and everyone is invited to assist at a beach and coastal clean-up in La Caleta on Friday November 25th and Saturday November 26th.  There will also be a dedicated website, www.Adejelimpio.es operating from next week, which will also be available in various languages over the coming months.  Competitions and a Guide to Good Practise will also be distributed in schools, neighbourhood associations, businesses and hotels in the borough.

The councillor commented, “The objective is to raise awareness among businesses of the value of recycling as well as making people realise that the benefits are for everyone”:

For his part, Francisco Valiño, director of the municipal sanitation company said that over 350 of the borough’s schoolchildren would be visiting the installation next week.  He commented, “There are still people out there who think all recycled waste ends up in the same place – well the children of the borough will be witnesses to prove otherwise.”  He also congratulated the council and borough for their excellent recycling record, which was improving annually.

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