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Learning Spanish words for shapes

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I have to say that learning Spanish words for shapes wasn’t particularly high on my agenda. We’ve tended to learn the words and phrases that our own lives threw at us. But recently that changed and I realised that there was a gap to be filled. So… here you go…

Learning Spanish words for shapes

Most of these are very similar to English, so this shouldn’t be too difficult a list to get your head around.

As part of your learning, try to use at least two of these in a conversation during the next 24 houres – then pop back and let us know how you did it. Good luck!

Spanish words for shapes


Arch – al arco

Circle – el círculo

Cone – el cono (don’t put a tilde over the n unless you wish to upset someone)

Cube – el cubo

Crescent – el creciente / una medialuna

Cylinder / tube – el cilindro

Decagon – decágono

Diamond / rhombus – undiamante /el rombo

Ellipse – el elipso

Heart – el corazón

Hemisphere – el hemisferio

Heptagon – el heptágono

Hexagon – el hexágono

Line – una linea

Nonagon – el nonágono

Octagon – el octágono

Orb – el orbe

Oval – el óvalo

Parallelogram – paralelogramo

Pentagon – el pentágono

Polygons – polígonos

Prism – el prisma

Pyramid – la pirámide

Point / dot – el punto

Rectangle / oblong – el rectángulo

Ring – el anillo

Semicircle – semicirculo

Shapes – las formas

Sphere – esfera

Spiral / coil – el espiral

Square – el cuadrado

Star – la estrella

Trapezoid – trapezoide

Triangle – el triángulo

Wedge – la cuña

Zigzag – el zigzag

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