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 Samaritans In Spain

Jason helps the Samaritans

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Jason and the Argonauts? No it’s Jason and the Spartans! And not the Golden Fleece, but just as important. Genna DCruz spoke to Jason Scawthorn about Spartans and Samaritans.

Jason helps the Samaritans

Sitting here in the balmy November sunshine, watching Jason Scawthorn jump in and out of huge tractor tyres, it’s
not too hard to imagine him training our troops to become amongst the fittest in the world.

You can just imagine him ‘pushing’ those young recruits to bring out the best in them, but I digress, I am here to
find out more about what Jason is doing, what is this Spartan thing and how he is involved with the Samaritans in Spain.

Jason’s love of exercise goes way back to his early years at school, when due to a serious accident during a football game, he spent many months in a rehabilitation unit. The dedicated care he received soon had a real positive impact on what his future career path would be, and after joining the army he took part in numerous marathons all over the world and eventually completed a 64km team event against the German army in Bergen. Having made the decision to leave the forces to concentrate on his career in fitness, he completed intensive physical and mental programmes gaining official accreditation along the way.

So, by now you are all probably thinking, ok but what has this got to do with ‘Spartans?’ For those of you who are not familiar with the event, I have provided a brief synopsis at the end of this article explaining who and what they do (taken from their website). But to get back to Jason, as a dedicated fitness and nutritional specialist he is passionate about the well-being our of community, both physically and mentally, and with this in mind, decided to enter the
‘Spartan’ charity event in Valencia. Not content with paying the entrance fee (which is given to nominated charities) he decided to take it a step further and work together with our own local charity – Samaritans in Spain – to raise much needed funds in support of the fantastic work the volunteers carry out, which includes answering the Freefone (900 525 100) helpline 24 hours a day.(For more information about the Samaritans confidential emotional support for those in distress please visit www.samaritansinspain.com). In his own words, ‘Physical fitness goes a long way towards mental stability’ and so it seemed the perfect ‘marriage’ of like-minded people coming together.

Jason has now been a Personal Trainer for over 15 years and couldn’t possibly imagine any other career and although the many courses he has studied, which include Anatomology and Physiology, Rehabilitation, Nutrition, Sports massage and therapy, Fitness assessment and Program design, and Fitness classes have helped his many clients he is still eager to learn more. As he explained to me the Fitness Industry is fast-moving with new ideas and exercises coming on the market all the time, and the love and enjoyment he got from training with people who needed help was second to none. Seeing a girl who was confined to a wheelchair walk 5 meters and who could not previously do, that was amazing he told me.

The questions clients also ask me, Why the Spartan race? Why exercise? Do you enjoy it? Are you not too old Jay is a great one. Do you really have to wear lycra pants????? I am not answering that one! Answer yes, I enjoy it. The Spartan race is to test myself, mentally and physically and of course to help raise funds for the Samaritans in Spain.

I asked him why the partnership with Samaritans in Spain for this high profile event, and he replied that he wanted to do something for a charity which isn’t just for any one particular nationality but rather for anyone who speaks English, which the Samaritans in Spain is there for. I think we forget this fact so it’s good to be reminded that anyone who speaks English can phone or call in to their ‘drop in’ centre in Punta Marina.

And so with just a couple of weeks to go, Jason is training hard both at his local gym, Fit4All, as a Personal Trainer with his clients at Ptinthesun and also along our local beaches. In Jason’s words ‘ You can catch me most days at Fit4all, probably outside on the terrace with 2 big tyres. If you need help or someone to train with I’m here’.

Finally, we are still looking for businesses to sponsor Jason with the final proceeds being donated to the Samaritans in Spain. So please help support our own local and very deserving charity. You can catch me most days at Fit4all p.s. probably outside on the terrace with 2 big tyres. If you need help or someone to train with I’m here.

You can contact Jason at ptinthesun@gmail.com

Are you interested in supporting Samaritans as a Listener? Please contact General Manager Stephen Baker stephenrbaker@outlook.com

What is Spartan?

Spartan is a Way of Life.

Born in the gritty green mountains of Vermont by Joe DeSena, world-class adventure racer, Spartan is a frame of mind.

Gritty. Resilient. Passionate. Spartans aren’t soft. Spartans overcome obstacles. And yes, Spartans burpee.

Spartan is a sport, community, a philosophy, a training and nutrition program – with daily advice, a podcast, a series of books, an activity for kids, workout gear, a media channel, an NBC Sports series, a digital magazine, and a timed obstacle race.

Reebok Spartan Race is innovating obstacle racing on a global scale. With more than 130 races around the world annually – we offer three core races each escalating in distance, obstacle count and challenge level. The Spartan Sprint (3+ miles/20+ obstacles), the Spartan Super (8+ miles/ 25+ obstacles) and Spartan Beast (13+ miles/ 30+ obstacles). Courses are riddled with signature obstacles: mud, barbed wire, walls, rope and fire. Challenge yourself to complete all three and become part of the TRIFECTA tribe.

We also offer a kids race (½ – 1 mile), Special Spartans (for racers with intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities), and for those who looking to push themselves even further, the Hurricane Heat (bootcamp-style challenge) and the Ultra Beast (26+ miles, 60+ obstacles). Spartan is the world’s best obstacle race. Period.

Spartans are not defined only by their athleticism. We are defined by our mindset. We are defined by our struggle on and off the course. And ultimately, we are defined by our ability to overcome.

With that in mind, we are proud to present three charitable ways in which Spartans can contribute to their communities. The first is that we have partnered with everydayhero to bring Spartans across the country a new platform to raise both money and awareness for those in need. Second, is The 431 Project. This project encourages children, teens and young adults to live active and healthy lives. And third is our Special Spartans Race, which offers kids with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD), and those with cognitive, learning and/or vocational delays the chance to participate in a Spartan Race.

Spartans know the importance of leaving no man or woman behind. So get started on helping those around you.

  • Genna DCruz

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