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Ikea pop up shops

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Ikea pop up shops will soon appear in Madrid and Barcelona. The Madrid store will be open for ten days from October 21 to 30, while Barcelona will close 29 October.

Ikea pop up shops

©Ikea Press Room

The two cities were chosen to host the pop up shops to respect the first two locations Ikea first lanbded in Spain.

Madrid’s pop up shop will be located in Calle Ribera de Curtidores, very close to Plaza del Cascorro in the Rastro district, while Barcelona’s will be on Comerç street in the Born neighbourhood. Opening hours are 10am until 9pm each day.

According to Antonella Pucarelli, the deputy director general of Ikea Ibérica, the stores will be showcasing decorative products. “There will be exclusive products that cannot be found at other Ikea stores in Spain. Not even in Ikea stores in other countries,” said Pucarelli. “We wanted to open them in the most emblematic parts of town, but not on the most commercial streets such as Madrid’s Gran Vía.”

However, the stores will not be displaying much in the way of large furniture pieces because of the size of the two shops (460 square meters in Madrid and 100 square meters in Barcelona). Of special focus will be the BJÖRKSNÄS and HELIGHET collections.

In addition to selling products, the two stores will also be holding workshops with hints and tips for beautifying your home.

There are very few homes in Europe that don’t contain at least one item from the Swedish furniture giant. Ikea revolutionised furniture buying, bringing style into homes from the 1990s. In Spain, the first Ikea store opened in Badalona, Catalunya, in May 1996. It was followed by a store in Madrid that autumn.

Ikea combines style with function, enabling people to make the most of their space without compromise. IKEA Group currently has 315 stores and 22 delivery points in 28 countries; 16 are in Spain.

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