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I Fira d’Indians de Tossa a success

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More than 12000 people visited I Fira d’Indians de Tossa in Tossa de Mar. The event was organised by the Cultural Department at the town council and was held from April 15 to 17 2016.

I Fira d’Indians de Tossa a success

Councillors for Culture, Nuria Serra and Sergi Brown, said that, “restaurateurs and shopkeepers have been extremely pleased with the events, as have the thousands of people who visited us over the weekend.”

According to the Department of Culture, Saturday evening and Sunday morning were the busiest times. In particular, activities for the children, the chocolate cake competition, presentations and concerts were especially popular – all drawing large crowds.

The event was held along various parts of the Passeig de Mar and the Passeig Cinto Verdaguer.

The weekend of events included all the activities mentioned above as well as more diverse experiences. Food was a particular feature with variouys treats available from restaurants for the occasion. Most of the special dishes were designed to showcase the culinary delights of the West Indies.

Following its splendid attendance figures and the feedback of success, the council at Tossa de Mar have already announced plans to repeat the evnt in 2017.

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