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 Ayuntamiento de Huercal-Overa

Hundreds of children enjoy Huércal-Overa Summer Party

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Hundreds of children attended and enjoyed the Huércal-Overa Summer Party on June 27 2017. But there’s still more to come to the town in Almería!

Hundreds of children enjoy Huércal-Overa Summer Party

The party, organised by Huércal-Overa town council to welcome the summer, was enjoyed by hundreds of happy children. They were able to particpate in water games, bounce on inflatables, scale a climbing wall and take part in various workshops.

It took place at the municipal swimming pool and formed part of the cultural program Huércalida.

The climbing wall was a huge hit, because once the littluns scaled it, they were able to descend down a slide into the water. It was the perfect way for the children to cool off in the scorching summer temperatures.

Councillor for Culture, Belén Martinez, described the children as “the protagonists of summer,” going on to say, “The little ones had fun. They have had the opportunity to perform multiple actrivities, many of them in the pool where they had a great time. Their faces reflect everything and their smiles show that the party has been a success.”

Huércalida continued in the afternoon with the municipal ballet school putting on a performance in the town theatre. This afternoon (June 28 2017) the Intocables & CIA will be playing music in the municipal park. On Friday June 30, the local theatre group, Timelo Teatro, will perform “The Wise Women” at 9:00 pm in the town theatre with proceeds heading to the Spanish Association PHP.

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