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Hotel industry employment is up by 8.2% in Benidorm and Costa Blanca

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Good news for the hotel industry in Benidorm and the Costa Blanca. According to figures released by HOSBEC, employment is up for Quarter 3 2016 by 8.2%, and by 6.7% in Valencia.

Hotel industry employment is up by 8.2% in Benidorm and Costa Blanca

The increase has been consistent across all levels of tourism and hotels.

Overnight hotel stays increased by 5% in both Valencia and the Costa Blanca, thanks mainly to the strong push that international markets have experienced in virtually all destinations in the community.

Data collected from INE has confirmed that HOSBEC’s statistics are valid, particularly those related to tourism in Benidorm. It confirmed that the number of hotel overnight stays by Spaniards in the quarter fell 5.5% compared to 2015 data, while foreign visitors increased by 7.1%. These moves reflect a final growth of overnight stays in Benidorm of 1% in this third quarter, which could have been much higher if the domestic market had kept their levels from last year.


Breakdown of visitors by area

  • Benidorm – 37%
  • Remainder of Costa Blanca – 21%
  • Valencia city – 12%
  • Remainder of Valencia – 12%
  • Castellón – 18%

The best effects have been detected in employemnt in the hotel sector. In Valencia the number of hotel workers is 18,516 with an increase of 6.7% over last year. The Costa Blanca and Benidorm has recorded employment growing by 8.2%.

The city of Valencia currently has 2,229 hotel workers.

Benidorm recorded the best data on average stays  with 5.8 days, while Alicante recorded 4.5 days and Valencia registered an average of 3.7 days.

Benidorm maintains its fourth place in the top 20 Spanish tourist destinations with nearly 3.8 million overnight stays surpassed only by Barcelona (almost 5.9 million), Madrid (almost 4.6 million) and Calviá in Mallorca (just over 4.1 million).

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