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Happy 115th birthday to Ana Vela Rubio

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Spain Buddy would like to wish a very happy 115th birthday to Ana Vela Rubio who is Spain’s oldest woman. Ana is also Europe’s second oldest, after Italy’s Emma Morano.

Ana Vela Rubio

Ana celebrating her 110th birthday in 2011. Credit: Gerontology

More than 13000 Spaniards are above the age of 100. Of those, 350 are older than 105, according to data from the Gerontology Research Group. There are two Supercentenarians, those exceeding 110 years (which is known as extreme longevity), Ana Vela Rubio and Concha Pérez Cidad from Burgos.

Born to Pedro Vela and Carmen Rubio in Puente Genil, Córdoba on October 29 1901, Ana moved to Barcelona in 1950, cohabiting with her partner. She never married her partner, because their parents never approved of the relationship. She worked as a seamstress until she retired.

Today Ana lives in La Verneda nursing home in Barcelona where staff describe her as looking very young for her age. She entered the home in 2008 and enjoys a quiet and private life. Her birthday has been a private and quiet affair, attended only by staff and Ana’s daughter. Ana now suffers from senile dementia and spends her time either in bed or in a wheelchair.

Ana Vela had two sons and two daughters. Sadly, the sons (António and Juan) passed away fairly recently. Juan had lived for most of his life in England before retiring to Malaga, where he passed away earlier this year, and one of the daughters (Carmelita) died aged just ten. However, her remaining daughter, Ana Rubio still visits every day because she lives so close to the nursing home. Ana Rubio describes her mother as being energetic and fun-loving although now the years have taken their toll. Ana lived through the two World Wars and the Spanish Civil War.

Ana Vela previously claimed that she has lived a long life due to just three things: Kindness, joy – and red wine!

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