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 Alan Gandy

Goodbye Barcelona!

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No, we’re not talking Catalan independence here in saying goodbye to Barcelona… we’re talking climate change. Here’s a simulation of what Europe might look like after the estimated rise in sea levels of 216 feet if all the ice melted.

What Europe would look like if sea levels rise just 216 feet

What Europe would look like if sea levels rise just 216 feet

National Geographic claims that “After the ocean, ice is the biggest water reservoir on the planet. There are more than five million cubic miles of it, and no one really knows how long it would take to melt it all. Probably more than 5,000 years, some scientists say.

There are a multitude of studies on climate change, and as with most scientific research they all offer different time scales on their simulations (some say the Arctic could be ice free as early 2050). However, the vast majority inevitably accept global warming is a problem, and that the ice is melting. Only an idiot could deny that climate change is a major issue that we have to deal with or plan for between now and the realisation of this worst case (or any other) scenario.

Goodbye Barcelona, Costa Brava, Cadíz and southern Portugal

Looking at the simulation, at some point in the future the peninsula expects to be saying goodbye to Barcelona and much of the Costa Brava, a good chunk of the Cadíz region and a sizeable piece of southern Portugal. On the whole – although the peninsula fairs pretty well, northern Europe doesn’t, not so much, Denmark gone, The Netherlands gone,  half of both England and Ireland will be great big paddling pools… The prognosis isn’t good!

Anyway, as we (personally) are up in the mountains, we’ll be fine…

Want to see some real facts? Take a look at the NASA climate research website . while you still can! (Trump to scrap Nasa climate research in crackdown on ‘politicized science’)

Want to help do something about the issue? Get involved with Greenpeace or similar organisations.

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