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Garachico port improvements

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A group of Tenerife businessmen have put forward a set of Garachico port improvements to build missing facilities including commercial and service buildings.

Garachico port improvements

Puertos Canarias has been going over the list of proposals from Tenerife businessmen, including a commercial and service building, a dry dock and a petrol station, according to El Día news site and the town’s mayor, José Heribet González.

The multifunctional building was approved in September 2013 for €3.4m, but the company Panorama GIGA SL never started and the concession was returned last year.

González hopes that this business project will gain the approval of the board of directors of Puertos Canarios “at its next meeting or, at the latest, at the following one.” When it is approved,” said González “it will be publicly displayed in case there is any other business group interested in its execution. I hope that in three or four months it can be definitively awarded.”

The mayor is backing ​​the initiative and has compared the commercial, catering and service project with Puerto Calero in Lanzarote.

For the initiative to be successful, it is also necessary to solve one of the main problems of the port of Garachico: the existence of rocks at low depth in the harbour entrance, which prevents the dock from being used by boats of greater depth. In 2016 €200k was budgeted to eliminate the dangerous rocks, but the work was not executed.

González is pleased that Puertos Canarios has commissioned the bathymetric study to facilitate work that he hopes will start later this year (2017). “The entrepreneurs who want to develop the new building, which would also integrate the fishermen, want to attract boats with more commercial and tourist interest, and for that it is necessary to eliminate risks.” he explained.

With the private and public investment that is planned, Gonzalez is confident that 2017 will be the year “of the final takeoff of the port, which has not yet been profitable enough.”

Sole harbour in the north

The port of Garachico cost almost €40m and was inaugurated in May 2012, almost five years ago. At present it is the only port in northern Tenerife. There is no other between Los Gigantes and Santa Cruz.

The commercial, catering and services area, the gas station, the dry marina, the bottom of the port and the access are the key issues still pending.

The Cabildo, ready to build access

José Heriberto González (CC) also points out that the Cabildo de Tenerife remains ready to advance the financing necessary to execute “an access in conditions” for the sport and fishing port of Garachico. The mayor acknowledges that the dock opened without adequate access and currently only has a narrow entrance.

The General Plan of Ordination (PGO) of Garachico proposes the construction of a roundabout approximnately 200 meters before the current entrance, at the top of Calle El Majuelo, that connects with the historical monument. The plan is to build a roundabout that can divert traffic to the dock (through what is now a banana plantation), to Calle El Majuelo and the seafront (TF-42).

“We are already in talks with the owners of private development land on which the roundabout and the new access should be built,” said González. More than a month ago, Puertos Canarios commissioned the study of alternatives to choose the best option. He added, “Carlos Alonso already said two years ago, that they are willing to finance and execute the work, although it depends on the Government of the Canary Islands, “González said.

According to the mayor, the Cabildo Insular and the Ministry of Public Works of the Government of the Canary Islands want to sign the agreement that would speed up the implementation of access. “Hopefully this synergy will not be twisted and we can see the work soon,” he told El Dia.

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