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Fergie gets a Christmas wish

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We have met some truly lovely people since moving to Almeria and they don’t come much lovelier than Karen and Trevor Oliver, originally from Kent. They are dog lovers much like Alan and me, although I’d say they go a lot further than we have – and certainly in the tale below, they have. They arrived with their two sons, Ryan and Alex, about the same time as we did. Like us, they had already lived in Spain for some years… previously they were in Pinoso.

001Karen is my “Weasel Wine” buddy. It’s not unknown for me to nip into her office and kidnap her for a cheeky vino when actually both of us are supposed to be working. But it gives us a chance to catch up on each other’s news and cement our friendship even further. Top bird. Anyway, you didn’t log in to read about my alcoholic and abduction stories… here’s the fluffy bit. Over to the shaggy dog story.

On Tuesday December 16, Karen and Trevor took a dog from the streets who could hardly walk. They named her Fergie. Karen wanted to take a photo to share on Facebook, but she knew it would upset some of us too much to see. They thought the little woofer was a puppy at first, but it emerged later that she was two years old. She should have weighed around 15 kilograms, but barely scraped seven. The poor girl had leishmaniosis, tick fever, worms, fleas and was extremely anaemic and absolutely no meat on her little bones.

Karen and Trev took the doggie to Juan, a vet in Albox (who coincidentally we have used very happily for the past two years for our three lads). Juan confirmed that although she was very very poorly, she was not in pain. At that point, Trevor took the decision to give her the chance that she has never had and treatment began.

At first the little lady was full of life but unfortunately she took a turn for the worse on December 18. She didn’t want to know any of the humans who were trying so hard to give some love and care. Juan and his team worked so hard and Karen nearly didn’t share her story in case Fergie (as she had now been named) didn’t come home.

On December 19, Fergie was given a blood transfusion. Juan was very impressed as the little love took it all in her stride. Over the following few days she remained very weak, refusing to eat and things were looking very dire for her. Thankfully, she started making real progress and on Monday December 22 she was allowed to go to her new home.

Karen said: “What a difference she was since Saturday, up on her feet, licking me. It’s going to be a long process. The next 7 days are crucial, we have to feed little and often and get her to have fluids on top of the injections and tablets…. any change for the worst tonight then straight back to the vets….. if all good a check up on Wednesday.”

December 24 and Fergie’s weight has increased to eight kilograms. her nose is wet and she is much more alert although she is still anaemic. She goes back to the vets in early January.

Fergie still has a long way to go… but she is with a loving, supportive family and with many other rescued fluffies (seven other dogs, two budgies, a tank full of fish and also I believe there’s also a couple of those cat things but I guess you can’t pick and choose) and can only thrive from now on.

Juan has told Karen and Trevor that he won’t charge them for all the treatment that little Fergie has had. How lovely is that?!

Getting all soppy and nonsense-y now – we wish Fergie all the best for her recovery… and remain in awe of people like Karen and Trevor who gave a dog a chance at life when most of us would have chosen to end it.

The photos are all courtesy of Karen and Trevor. We are looking forward to meeting Fergie soon! Oh and yes, we’ll keep those of you who bookmark or comment on this post updated.





3 Responses to Fergie gets a Christmas wish

  1. Alf December 24, 2014 at 6:27 pm

    Nice to hear a bit of good news for a change amid all the doom and gloom. It’s nice to know there are good people like Karen and Trevor about, as well as Juan the vet. Got to go now, it’s getting a bit dusty in here, sniff, sniff.

    Ooh PS. Re: your alcoholic abduction stories, when’s the book coming out and will it be called ” Elle’s guide to drunken kidnapping and other boozy pursuits “?

    PPS. I agree with your sentiments about ” those cat things “.

  2. Clare December 26, 2014 at 12:42 pm

    Juan is a lovely vet, what a sweet girl Fergie is!

    Our puppy Rolo is in the doghouse as he has destroyed one of my christmas presents, An christmas hat chair cover.

    Not happy at all

  3. Elle Draper
    Elle Draper December 27, 2014 at 11:52 pm

    Ooh… naughty Rolo! Great name though and I’m sure he’s been suitably sorry. Give him a snuggle from us xx

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