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February Book Review. “From Barcelona” – Jeremy Holland

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The vast majority of books that I have read recently with a Spanish theme, have been non-fiction. Stories about moving to Spain, Living in Spain, loving Spain…  the list goes on. So I really enjoyed reading “From Barcelona – Jeremy Holland” recently.

From Barcelona- Jeremy HollandIt is a collection of short stories all based in Barcelona. I didn’t like all of the stories (hey I’m a woman – can’t be happy all the time), but the vast majority had me chompng at the bit for more… and I truly hope that Jeremy takes one or two of them and turns them into full length novels. “CSI Barcelona” for example, I really enjoyed… and I’d love to read more of that ilk.

Jeremy is quite the romantic too, with that theme being very apparent  in a number of his stories. But my absolute favourite had to be his twist on the Nativity story – look out for that one!

I have to say that it painted a different picture of Barcelona than I was expecting. Forget supping coffee in the sunshine, Jeremy successfully evokes images of a darker Barcelona – one rich with personality and more than a touch of darkness. Does it make me want to visit Barcelona more than I previously did? I’m not sure; but one thing is for certain… this is one book I could read time and time again – highly recommended.

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