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Diving in the Canary Islands

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Because of the warm clear waters and abundance of sealife, diving in the Canary Islands is big business for the many dive schools across the islands.

Diving in the Canary Islands

I am terrified of the sea at the best of times, but have always envied those that have enjoyed the opportunity to explore this other world beneath the waves. Yes, I know I’m a wuss and I know I’m missing out.

Under the water, divers can enjoy sights not seen by the rest of us, except in photographs and videos. Wrecks, coral, octopi, rays and even Europe’s largest (okay… currently “only”) underwater museum await those who wish to get wet.

There are amazing diving opportunities around all of the islands, but today we are going to look at just one major hotspot.

Museo Atlantico – Lanzarote

We simply had to make special mention of the underwater museum just off the coast of Playa Blanca, Lanzarote.

The museum was designed and built by Jason deCaires Taylor (Dover, England) who has already installed water-based features around the world.

Jason made stone models of people from across the Canaries for the installation, and in 2016 the museum was erected underwater.

Already, the museum pieces are attracting a wealth of wildlife, and after looking at these photographs we’re sure that you will agree.

All of the photographs and video on this page were kindly donated by Dawn Dives Lanzarote – a company we have been working with for a few years now. If I were ever to overcome my fear of the deep… it would be Garry and his team that I would trust to take me out there.

If you would like to visit the Museo Atlantico, or indeed any of their other dive sites, Dawn Dives can arrange this for you. When contacting them, quote the code “Spain Buddy” for a 10 per cent discount that we have negotiated on your behalf. Here is a little taster of what you can expect to see.

Dawn Dives Academy Rubicon

Hotel H10 Rubicon Palace
35580 Playa Blanca
Yaiza – Lanzarote
Tel: 0034 928.517.230
Mobile: 0034 619.772.702
Email: info@dawndiveslanzarote.com
Website: www.dawndiveslanzarote.com

Dawn Dives Academy Tropical

THB Sun Tropical
35570 Playa Blanca
Yaiza – Lanzarote
Tel: 0034 928 519 664
Mobile: 0034 654 388 819
Email: tropical@dawndiveslanzarote.com
Website: www.dawndiveslanzarote.com

Still need convincing? Then how about this video.

If you are seeking a dive school or instructor anywhere in the Canary Islands a Google search will bring up plenty of options for you. Just be sure to check your holiday insurance or the insurance of the dive schoool nto see what’s covered.

Wherever you choose to dive in the Canary Islands, have an amazing time! I’m very jealous.

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