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Crossword – countries in Spanish

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Today’s Spanish crossword shouldn’t be too tough as it’s just a small one and we’ve flipped it so that the countries in Spanish are the clues instead of the answers. If you do get stuck – you can refer to this previous post about Countries.

Crossword - countries in Spanish

You can print this crossword page to complete offline by clicking HERE. You will need some form of PdF reader to open it, such as Adobe – but your computer will prompt you to download for free if you don’t already have it.

Enjoy your puzzle and do let us know how you get on.


  1. Brasil
  2. Escocia
  3. Italia
  4. Japon
  5. Irlandia
  6. Belgica
  7. Grecia
  8. Holanda
  9. Francia
  10. Dinamarka
  11. Gales
  12. Irak

2. Rusia
3. Luxemburgo
4. Inglaterra
6. Suiza
11. Alemania
12. Sudafrica
15. Noruega
19. España

We are receiving a number of enquiries from schools and Spanish classes wanting to use our crosswords in a teaching environment. If you too would like to take advantage of this facility for free… then drop us an email to info@spainbuddy.com so we can give you the answers too, and keep you informed of our Terms & Conditions.

These puzzles take a lot of work to compile, and are not whipped up in 2 minutes – so please don’t steal them. We NEVER allow the republication of these crosswords online or in any digital material, only in hard copy printed format. Of course if you would like to simply link to our crosswords or click the share buttons to the left… that’s great! Thank you.

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