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 Ayuntamiento de Adeje

Cory’s Shearwater chicks need your help

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Adeje renews its commitment to the protection of the Cory’s shearwater chicks but it needs the help of any of you that live in or near Adeje, Tenerife, or that will be visiting the area.

Cory's Shearwater chicks need your help

For another year running the Adeje council is contributing to the campaign for the conservation and protection of the Cory’s shearwater chicks that will be making their first flights sea-wards in the coming weeks according to the environment councillor Esther Rivero Vargas.

The campaign begins this week and runs until November 15th and the public as well as authorities can take a number of steps. The first is to minimise the impact of artificial light in the night sky as this can disorient the chicks and possible provoke a fall without any chance of finding their wings again.  The most likely nights for first flights will be between October 29th and November 1st given the current lunar cycles.  This initiative is undertaken in partnership with the Tenerife Cabildo, the centre for the recuperation of fauna, the 112 emergency services and the council boroughs where these birds are known to nest and live.

“We are asking for residents to collaborate with us in this campaign and let us know if they spot chicks that have obviously lost their way or fallen in flight by phoning 112 who will activate the volunteer personnel to collect the chicks”, explained the councillor.  The centre for the recuperation of fauna will also take calls on 922 445777.   The volunteer teams are easily identifiable and carry a card with Cabildo authorisation.

If you do need to report an incident, call 112 or 922 445777 and give exact information as to the location of the chick so that it can be easily found.  You can call and report this in English too.

If you feel able to collect the bird yourself if there is a need to before the authorities arrive, you should wear gloves, cover the bird with a towel or piece of fabric without frightening the creature, place it in a box with breathing holes and leave it in a quiet place until the authorised personnel arrive.  Never try to lock the wings in place along the bird’s back.  Don’t feed the chick or give it anything to drink.

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