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Christmas lights in Malaga city 2016

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From November 24 2016, the Christmas lights in Málaga city will be displayed with a twice daily musical performance for 44 days.

Christmas lights in Malaga city 2016

Twice per day at 6:30pm and 9pm (wth the exception of November 25 – International Day Against Violence), the lights will flash in time with one of two songs: “The Show Must Go On” by supergroup Queen… and “O Fortuna” by Carmina Burana (Carl Orff version). Each “performance” will last for approximately four minutes.

The first showing kicks off on Thursday November 24 2016 with a children’s party and will last for 44 days. The lights have been funded from city coffers, at a cost of around €1 per resident.

The children’s party, on Calle Larios, includes a performance by the Miguel Pino Children’s Theatre group, with the show “The Adventures of Peneque El Valiente.” In the same place, and until 8pm hours, the little ones will be presented with 1,000 balloons with inscriptions alluding to Christmas and Calle Larios. Also in the Plaza de la Constitucion, after the inauguration, will be a concert by Siempre así.

Councilor of the Area of Operational Services, Festivals, Interior and Beaches, Teresa Porras, explained, “Larios Street will be known around the world during these days. There will be innumerable ‘selfies’ circulating across WhatsApp and social networks. Once again we will surprise and return as a focus of media attention and tourism in Spain during Christmas.” Porras continued, “6:30pm is a very good time for people to come to the city centre, watch the show and then do their shopping – promoting trade. At 9pm, it’s a good time to watch this game of light and then support the hospitality industry. In short, it is an investment that the City Council carries out to attract tourism and encourage trade.”

Other Christmas lights in Málaga’s key areas

Málaga city will be further illuminated with 1,742,612 energy efficient bulbs. The sky, the moon and the stars continue to be the prominent shapes.

Once again, Málaga city is committed to efficent power usage, with a total electricity consumption of 1,500 euros for the 44 days. The lights will be on from 6:30pm until 2am for the duration.

This year’s lighting required an investment of 573,211 euros. The amount is equal to previous years, since it is the extension of the contract for two years with Iluminaciones Ximenez.

Calle Larios, in addition to the two daily shows, will again have a tubular structure of 25,500 kilos, with approximately 3,200 microled strings, and 334 motifs distributed throughout the street. Suspended motifs will be of stars of different sizes and moons. Synchronized sound and motion sequences will carry 3,000 flashing lamps. In total the street will have 554,782 led points with a total power of 37 kw… and will represent a starry sky.

New for Christmas 2016 are the 11 buble arcs in Calle Granada with 32 star and moon motifs. There is lighting for the first time in Calle Salinas. In the streets San Juan, Cárcer, Casapalma and Puerta del Mar are new displays. The Plaza de la Constitución has 30 star and moon motifs at different heights to match Calle Larios. Also, the plaza del carbón has 20 multicolored stars and the Plaza de las Flores, 15. For its part, the Plaza de la Merced has a garland of led lamps. In other streets of the Historical Centre a total 92 luminous led arches with different allegorical designs at Christmas have been installed. The park’s central promenade has 7 arches with ball ornaments, spinning tops and diamonds. In the square at the Marina have been installed 6 arches with star pendants. In Calle Echegaray and Calle Molina Lario have been installed 6 and 4 arches, respectively.

At the entrances to the City, “Felicidades” signs have been placed with lateral motifs. This year is included again the roundabout of La Barriguilla. The entrance signs for Avda. Andalucía and Ciudad Jardín are digital with text messages. Also the area of Málaga Soho has 25 light led arches and a sign.


Four 18 metre trees have been installed (Plaza Constitución, Plaza Marina, Molina Lario and Parque Huelin). In the center of the lake of the Park of Huelin there is a tree illuminated with 36,075 microlamps and decorated with 30 symbols of Christmas. The one in the Plaza de la Marina is sponsored by San Miguel and is called “fish”. Its cost is covered by the beer company As far as the Constitution is decorated and illuminated with baroque motifs, in the same pattern as the grounds of Calle Larios, with a total of 58,536 led bulbs.

As for other smaller trees: in the square of the Teatro Cervantes are two eight metre almond trees with leds, and in the Plaza de Torrijos, four walnut trees. Plaza Uncibay has 6 trees with lanyards, and the area of the CAC has another luminous tree

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