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 Elle Draper

Chorizo Soup

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This warming chorizo soup recipe is fabulous as a quick lunch… or if you thicken it slightly, it works well over pasta too! You can add in other ingredients… but we like to keep ours really simple.


Half a chorizo, sliced or diced into 1 cm pieces
2 tins of chopped tomatoes
A finely chopped chilli (or more if you like it spicy like us!)
Handful of finely chopped fresh basil
Small tub of creme fraiche


  • Throw your diced chorizo into a medium heat pan. Don’t bother with oil… chorizo produces its own
  • Chuck in the chilli
  • Once browned nicely, pour in your tinned tomatoes and bring the heat up a bit.
  • Simmer for about 20 minutes and then bring the heat down to low again
  • Stir in the creme fraiche and basil, and cook gently for another 2 minutes or so, just to warm it through
  • Serve with lots of bread

Recipe adapted from one on the My Dish website
Image taken with permission from Wikimedia Commons

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