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Cheap Calls To Spain? We can help!

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Making cheap calls to Spain from the UK  is a much better way for keeping in touch with friends and family – and a sure fire way to help you settle quickly into living in Spain. We have already discussed Skype – which is great for people who have computers. But what about your family that wish to call you… but do not have access to a computer? Or perhaps do not have Skype installed… and don’t wish to?

cheap-calls-in-spainWe have been using a service since 2007 which gives us a free 0844 telephone number. This enabled our UK friends and family to call us for just 3 pence per minute – and the call quality is excellent. It was that good, that we offer the number to other people in the UK too.

The 0844 number diverts to our landline here in Spain – and was FREE to set up… and FREE for us to receive calls from… and no hassles of dialling any extra digits ahead of the call. They simply dialled the 0844 number as normal from their landlines. The only cost incurred is that 3 pence per minute that the caller pays – oh, and no connection charge either.

The calls are crystal clear – no delay or echo like some VOIP systems – and it really does cost just 3p per minute for our UK friends and family to call us. Occasionally there’s a delay of a second or two whilst connecting, but that’s it.

You can even set it up for businesses that you call regularly from the UK – for your own use. You don’t need permission to set these 0844 numbers up to dial a landline here – as it does not interfere with their service in any way whatsoever.

We like to share – so if you would like to set up your own 0844 number for your UK people to use, or request a free number for you to use for a landline here in Spain (we actually can do it for anywhere in the world) – then drop us an email at info@spainbuddy.com with your name, and the landline telephone number in that you would like an 0844 to divert to – and we’ll take care of the rest! You can have as many as you like – it’s all FREE! You don’t even need the permission of the destination phone owner… as there is zero cost to them.

Here are just a few examples of how it works for us and for others.

Example 1: My grandmother doesn’t have a computer, and at her ripe old age isn’t keen on getting one. Ok, so she has a BT landline… but calls to Spain can still mount up quickly for her at their standard rate of 24 pence per minute. She now calls on the 0844 number I have given her – and gets to speak to me without crippling her valuable pension money. I have explained that this of course gives her more money to spend on her flights to come visit).

Example 2: A business owner in Lanzarote wanted his UK clients to be able to call him cheaply from their landline. He now has his own 0844 number that he can hand out to them – saving them even more money. Now these clients are quicker to pick up the phone – which can only benefit his business.

Example 3: A new property owner in Spain was making 3 or 4 lengthy calls per day, from back in the UK to sort out all the various bits and bobs involved with the purchase of his new home. Calling his Estate Agent or his Gestoria was proving costly from Manchester – especially considering the length of some of these calls. He asked us to set up 0844 numbers for these  businesses for his personal use… and now he can call them at a fraction of the price.

Example 4: We have 0844 numbers set up for our most used Spain contacts. So now, when Alan has to go back to the UK… he simply dials these numbers instead of the 928 numbers…. and saves us a fortune.

Example 5: A chappie that I did some freelancing for back in the UK spends most of his day on the phone to European countries. He got us to set up 0844 numbers for all his clients – Poland, Norway, France, and Italy – and saves himself a packet! His calls were often lengthy – but now his phone bill is much much lower than before.

If in any doubt – give us a shout and we’ll answer any questions that you may have.

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