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Cadiz nudists lose court battle

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Cadiz nudists have lost a seven year court battle for the right to an all over tan within the boundaries of the historic port city of Cadiz.

Cadiz nudists lose court battle

The Spanish Federation of Naturism have had their appeal rejected against the local government that ruled against the right to nude use of beaches within the city. The Federation had claimed that nudism was a fundamental right to freedom of idelogy. They used the Spanish constitution as their reason.

However, the court disagreed, establishing that the Cadiz government had the right to determine how best to “manage properly the use of its services, equipment, infrastructure, facilities and public spaces.” The court said that the Spanish Federation of Naturism had failed to present a convincing case that nudism was an accepted practice by “the majority of bechgoers.”

The decsion affects beaches within the city limits but does not affect those elsewhere in the province of Cadiz.

Spain has a reputation as one of Europe’s laid-back countries with their open-minded approach to nude sunbathing. There are several beaches, along Spain’s 8000 kilometre coastline, internationally known as being amenable to nudists including the Papagayo coves at Playa Blanca in Lanzarote, El Puntal in Cantabria, Son Bou in Menorca and Vera in Almeria.

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