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Arboleas gets Innovacion 14 approval

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This week Arboleas became the first town to receive Innovacion 14, a move that was approved unanimously by the Urban Commission at the Junta de Andalucia.

This is fantastic news for the town in Almería. Speaking to Spain Buddy this week, the mayor of Arboleas, Cristóbal Garcia Granados said, “There are now no alegal houses or homes in Arboleas.”

Cristóbal continued, “The Provincial Commision of Urbanismo in Almeria approved, on July 12 2017, the legalization of the alegal houses of the English residents in the Municipality of Arboleas.”

The word “alegal” was the state between ilegal and legal. Now, all of these homeowners will now be free from the limbo that was blocking them and they can now proceed to full legalization of their homes.

For so many households, it was impossible to obtain various documents because of embargos on their homes. However, Innovation 14 approval means that those previously “rustic” homes are now ready to move on and be classed as fully urban and have the correct documentation to prove they are fully legalised.

A big “Well done” to Cristóbal, the team at Arboleas Town hall, and all other departments that have worked tirelessly throughout this lengthy process – all to ensure that people can now enjoy their homes in a legal state.

This comes after six years of hard work since taking over from an administration that didn’t value the homes of its residenta as a priority. It’s great for the homeowners, but is also another badge of honour for the town which has made great strides for its residents in recent years. Local governments everywhere could learn a lot from Arboleas.

Cristobal has always valued the British populace, and is a very popular mayor. You can read more about Cristóbal from our interview with him in 2015

About Arboleas

Arboleas is a small town nestled inland in Almeria’s Almanzora Valley. The town is a picture postcard dream with whitewashed buildings, bursts of floral colour and a sprinkling of great places to eat and drink as well as its own museum, Museo Pedro Gilabert, a regular spot for visitors… not only to view Pedro Gilabert Gallegos’ work but also for different exhibitions.

As soon as you enter the town you know that you are somewhere special as the modern infrastructure blends with the historic buildings. Arboleas is predominantly residential, but it is a lovely place to visit and grab a bite to eat.

2 Responses to Arboleas gets Innovacion 14 approval

  1. Gordon & Angela Southall July 15, 2017 at 11:56 pm

    Well done to everyone involved ,
    It is people like you that make the world a better place, Long may you continue doing the good work.
    Regards Gordon & Angela Southall

  2. Linda Hawkswell July 16, 2017 at 5:34 pm

    Well done to Cristobal and his team if dedicated workers.
    I have lived in Arboleas for 8 very happy years

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