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 Ayuntamiento de Mojacar

Almeria news | San Agustín, Mojacar

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Mojácar council have announced the programme for this coming week’s San Agustín, Mojácar, which runs from Thursday August 27 to Sunday August 30.

Almeria news - San Agustin, Mojacar

San Agustín programme

Thursday August 27

9am: Flowers
Flowers to offer to the patron saint, San Agustín, will be available for purchase by the church doorway

11am to 2pm: Video Development Workshop (Multipurpose Center).
Please note that the second annual Online Games Championships will actually begins on Wednesday August 26. To participate, you must register at the Guadalinfo Center. All interested children aged eight to 14 may parfticipate.

Midnight: Fireworks
Fireworks announce the official start of the festivities

2pm: Fair
Feria del Mediodía (Midday fair – and yes we know it says 2pm). Location: Plaza Nueva

2pm: Celebration of the Third Age
Location: Hotel El Puntazo. Please note that this event is by invitation only. The invites are available from the town hall until August 25. Please be sure to bring your Padrón certificate if registering.

5pm: Domino and Card Trick Championship
Location: Bar Tercera Edad.

7pm: Traditional ascent
The climb uphill begins, accompanied with water and flowers for San Agustín. Walkers will be accompanied by the municipal band of Mojacar. Departure is from La Fuente and arrival is at the church.

11pm: Open air dance
The open air dance is with music from the orchestras “Prometida” and “Melodias”

Midnight: Speech
Proclamation of the San Agustin fiesta 2015 by Juan Ignacio Lopez Ridao.

00.30am: Coronation
Coronation of Queen and Ladies of Honor. Follwed by fireworks

1:30am: Open air dance
The dancing and music continues

Friday September 28

11:30am: Fireworks
Fireworks to announce day two of the celebrations

Noon: Mass
Mass in honor of the patron San Augustín sung by the Choir of Rociero Mojacar “Embrujo Mojaquero”.

1pm: Procession
Procession through various streets of the town accompanied by the Municipal Band of Mojácar.

2pm: Fair
Midday Fair with entertainment by Charanga “The Blue Band”.
Location: Plaza Nueva.

6.30pm: Children’s races
Traditional ribbon races for the children. Location: Plaza Nueva.

7pm: Adult football
Senior Soccer Tournament “Trofeo Ciudad de Mojacar.”
Location: Football field.

9pm: Children’s parade
Children’s Parade with well known characters. Departs from Plaza Nueva.

11pm: Open air dance
Music from the Orchestras “Prometida” and “Melodias”.

Saturday August 29

Noon: Fireworks
Fireworks to announce day three of the festivities

2pm: Fair
Midday Fair with entertainment by Charanga “The Blue Band”.
Location: Plaza Nueva.

5pm until 7.15pm: Marathon registration
Under 18’s register until 6.10pm and adults until 7.15pm
Location: Plaza Nueva. You can also register online at www.mojacar.es and www.dipalme.org

6.30 p.m. Marathon departure
Marathon begins. Several categories: Adult, youth, infant, cadet and youth.

7:30pm: And the winners are…
Mojacar Marathon trophies are presented

8pm: Childrens Day
All attractions at half price. Location: Plaza del Fronton.

11pm: Open air dance
Music from the Orchestras “Prometida” and “Melodias”.

2am: Fireworks
Grand fireworks display.

Sunday August 30

10.30am: Clay pigeon shooting
Registration: Senior €35, Ladies €15, Seniors and Juniors 15 €. Location: Paraje El Albardinar.

Noon: Fireworks

2pm: Fair
Midday Fair with entertainment by Charanga “The Blue Band”.
Location: Plaza Nueva.

5.30pm: Ribbon collection
Traditional ribbon collection accompanied by the Municipal Band of Mojacar. Departure: Town Hall Square.

6pm: Ribbon running
Traditional ribbon run with riders on horseback. Location: La Fuente.

10pm: Music
Musical performance by the duo “Errol Ross and Carlene Graham”.

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