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Almeria news. May 4

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Almeria news. May 4. News selection from Almeria, Albox, Arboleas and Mojacar. This week’s news includes networking, population boost, a goodbye, cycling, a couple of events and a religious procession. Published on Mondays.

Almeria news

Almeria news - Costa Women's first Almeria meet upCosta Women’s first Almeria meet up

Ladies interested in networking as part of the Costa Women in Almeria Facebook group came together on April 2 at Diego’s bar (Cafe Palmera) in Albox for a couple of hours of networking and socialising.

13 women gathered and spoke excitedly about their businesses, swapped ideas and contact details and generally had a positive and bubbly afternoon.

A wide range of businesses were presented in an informal setting including:

  • Writers’ retreats – Jacqui
  • Yoga and well-being – Lianne
  • Storage – Amanda
  • Undies – Lesley
  • Jeunesse beauty products – Jean
  • Handmade jewellery – Caroline
  • Estate agency – Karen
  • Dog charity – Glynis
  • Virtual enterprise – Sally
  • CCTV – Angie
  • Carpentry – Mary
  • Spain Buddy – Elle
  • Ladies fashion – Jenni

Not all of the afternoon was about business though, as a number of us were additionally keen to extend our social circle. Future plans include more events, including other areas such as Huercal Overa and Mojacar and it was agreed that we would all try to support these as much as possible.

For further information about future events and to meet other women in the area, join the Costa Women Facebook group. Alternatively you can phone Elle on 950 930 916 during office hours.

21 immigrants rescued

21 immigrant men of North African origin travelling in a boat  have been rescued 17 miles south of Cabo de Gata.

A UN spokesman reported that the boat was intercepted at 1:20am by a helicopter, Helimer.

The immigrants were transferred by the Polyhymnia Guardamar boat to Almeria port at approximately 4.30am and were attended by Red Cross volunteers.

Albox news

Presentation on Albox’s PSOE candidates

La Parrilla in Albox was full to the seams on the evening of May 1 when the governing party, headed up by PSOE Mayor Rogelio Mena, presented their candidates for the upcoming elections.

Of special interest to many was the inclusion this year of Maura Hillen, standing for the first time as a candidate. Residents in the area are already aware of the work Maura carries out as part of Abusos Urbanisticos Almanzora, No (AUAN) in helping to gain justice for property owners that bought in good faith yet now face demolition of their homes.

This was the first time in Albox that a major political party has fielded a foreign candidate in an electable position on an electoral list.

Mayor of Albox, Rogelio Mena, said: “This has been the best May Day in Albox. Thank you all – friends, colleagues, residents of every ideology, for filling the room to the rafters for the presentation of the winning candidates for the next municipal elections. With the strength, capability, unity, experience and above all with the balance of what has already been achieved we are making a future Albox. Have a good weekend with the descent of la Pequeñica to look forward to and thank you to each one of the hundreds of people who supported us yesterday and to win.”

Maura Hillen added: “The Parrilla was rammed from the back to the front door with many foreign residents in the crowd which was a great support for me personally. Thank you!”

Albox news - La PequeñicaLa Pequeñica

La Pequeñica, a small carving made from juniper wood and adorned with a golden crown encrusted with precious jewels.

It is an icon of great historic and religious significance in the Almanzora Valley, and every five years it gets a day out. On Sunday May 3 it was carried 20km from the Santuario de Saliente along the ramblas to Albox.

The event began at 6am with prayers in the monastery at Saliente before the long walk down to Albox. It had various stops along the way including Las Pocicas and Llano de los Olleres where services were held with prayers and songs.

Albox’s Plaza Mayor in front of the church of Santa Maria was filled as residents and visitors came to pay their respects to the statue and welcome it back to the town in the evening.

Once inside the church of Santa Maria, a 9pm service was held with thanks and prayers.

See you in another five years Pequeñica.

Below is the promotional video. Turn the sound up if you like, but it is not vital to view the video

Albox breaks population record

Albox has just broken its population figures by reaching 11,715. The highest figure previously was in 1932 when the town registered 11,499.

The arrival of the Civil War and the Franco dictatorship caused a significant drop in the population due to exile and emigration that affected so many in the area.

Of the 11,715 inhabitants, 6,026 are women and 5,689 men, according to the National Institute of Statistics in the Municipal Register of 2014. One piece of good news, in addition to the increase in population, is that the age group most represented is the one between 30 and 34 years, which shows the youth of the town of Albox is growing, and representing a future for the town.

“Albox is not only growing at a rapid pace in sporting, cultural and citizen attention services, but also in the number of its population, something simple to ensure a great future for our town”, said the mayor of Albox, Rogelio Mena. He went on to add: “Albox is now a safer city with greater quality of life, in which we have drinkable water, a sports infrastructure and first class cultural offerings.”

More than 50 nationalities live together in Albox, making it a multicultural environment within the locality. Arrivals from the UK account for 1,210 inhabitants (the largest foreign sector), followed by Romania (344) and Ecuador (250). Among other nationalities present in Albox are residents from Nepal, Cape Verde, Poland and Sweden.

Albox news - Theatre supper evening“Every day we Albojenses give a fine example of coexistence and respect among different cultures living in the town, showing tolerance, respect for the different and great hospitality. This is a cozy village, which is growing rapidly and has the future in his hands,” concluded Rogelio Mena.

Theatre supper evening

Almanzora Charitable Theatre (A.C.T.) are putting on another production at  ‘La Parrilla’ Albox from the May 15 to 17.

They are presenting a programme of 3 plays as part of a theatre supper evening that will be in aid of Abusos Urbanisticos Almanzora No (AUAN).

The first is Riddle in the Sand, which is a very funny detective comedy by Alistar Faulkner followed by two light hearted duets Secretarial Skills and The Holiday by Peter Quilter. The evening includes a three course meal, all for the bargain price of €12.50.

Curtains go up at 7pm on the Friday and Saturday and 5pm on the Sunday. The doors open half an hour before curtain up so ensure everyone is seated and comfortable before the event begins.

Tickets can be obtained in advance from Total entertainment (both branches in Arboleas and Albox), Girasol and One Stop Pool shop in Albox and CAT services in la Alfoquia.

For further information see the poster or contact A.C.T. on 950 064 484 / 687 569 113.

Arboleas news

Arboleas news - HAA Spring GalaHAA Spring Gala

Helping Animals Almanzora (HAA) have announced the date for their Spring Gala. It is to be held on Saturday May 30 at the Hostal Meson, Arboleas from 5.30pm.

The evening’s events will include live music from 2 of Us, Doggy, Nicki Spatoni and Danny Ogden.

There will also be a hot and cold buffet which includes a vegetarian option, a grand auction, raffle, a spot prize and various other competitions.

There are some excellent prizes already in the auction including pet portraits, sun beds, meals, gift ideas, reiki sessions and a weekend break for two. Auction prizes must be paid for in cash on the night.

Tickets cost €7 and are available from the HAA shop in Arboleas, Colin the Card at Longo’s, Inspired Home & Away in Albox, CAT Services in La Alfoquia and Centro Veterinario in Huercal Overa

To donate a raffle prize or auction prize, or to get further information, telephone +34 634 332 978 or send an email helping.animals.almanzora@gmail.com. Alternatively you can “Like” the Helping Almanzora Animals Facebook page HERE

Arboleas news - Goodbye to a face from F.A.C.E.Goodbye to a face from F.A.C.E.

After four years loyal and dedicated service, F.A.C.E. (Fundraising in Arboleas, Caring for Everyone) is sad to annouce the retirement of their secretary Amanda Maunders.

Amanda was born in South East London and lived in London and Bexley all of her life until moving to Spain.  She has two children, and 5 grandchildren.  Her career in the United Kingdom was mainly within NHS Estates and Facilities, starting as a PA and progressing through to Planning and Project Management.  She had owned a holiday home in Arboleas for 10 years before leaving England in February 2011 to live in Spain. She more or less immediately joined F.A.C.E first as a Committee Member, but was very quickly promoted to Secretary.

In her time with F.A.C.E. she quickly introduced a more streamlined and efficient paperwork system. She has been a very hard working member of the F.A.C.E. Committee since joining, being particular prominent in the organisation of all of the famous F.A.C.E. Summer and Christmas Markets.

Amanda has retired due to the fact she is returning to the United Kingdom to live closer to her family.

A farewell dinner was organised for Amanda at the Hostel Meson on Friday 1st May at which all of the present F.A.C.E. Committee was present. 1st May is of course the Day of the Worker here in Spain, and this is one worker that all the F.A.C.E. Committee will miss.

For further information about F.A.C.E. please ring Adele Wrigglesworth on telephone number  667 255 094 or take a look at Face Charity on Facebook or on the website at www.face-charity.com

Mojácar news

Mojacar news - Mojácar seniors spring lunchMojácar seniors spring lunch

The Mojácar ‘Club Macenas’ Pensionistas have enjoyed their spring lunch event where around 150 members were treated to an excellent full buffet lunch at their usual venue, the Hotel Puntazo, followed by hours of dancing to live music provided by duo ‘Branko’.

The Club has three annual lunches and a number of evening dances with refreshments (free to club members), as well as a full programme of economical (or free) holiday and activity programmes, which are subsidised by the Mojácar Town Hall.

Club Macenas Mojácar is a thriving multinational group, available to any senior who is on the Padrón in Mojácar. You only have to be sixty years of age or older, although as soon as you are eligible, a younger partner can join also. The annual fee of €12 is payable per person.

If you are eligible and wish to join, take your padrón and personal details to the office which is in the basement of the Centro de Usos Multiples (also known as the Artisan Centre) during office hours which are 5pm to 7pm Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays.

Mojacar news - La MojaqueraLa Mojaquera

Sunday April 26 heralded the fourth edition of the cycling race Sierra Cabrera Xtreme, better known as “The Mojaquera.”

Approximately 300 riders participated in the 54 kilometre route, almost entirely on dirt roads, streams and trails, with its start and finish on the beaches of Mojácar, travelling through the old town of Mojacar and Sierra Cabrera.

One of the most remarkable features of this test was a requirement of the course with a cumulative altitude of over 1,400 meters.

The race was intended to those prepared for this level of competition, not only professionals but also fans of this sport, as there were several categories of awards: Senior, Junior, U23, Elite, Masters 30, Masters 40, Masters 50, Masters 60 and Cicloturista.

The race featured nationally renowned riders like Jesus del Nero (Madrid), Victor Manuel Fernandez Grande (Cordoba), Manuel Beltran (Beltran Riky) and Juan José Simon Molla (Elche) and Rebekah Bertomeu. The race is promoted nationally, and roved to be successful when riders from across the country attended. Special mention was also made for local riders, including Weekend Sport’s Matthew Shatford.

The winner of the race was Jesus del Nero, who completed the course in 1 hour 57 minutes. In second place was Adolfo Garcia Quesada (1 hour 58 minutes 56 second), third was Victor Manuel Fernandez Grande (1 hour 59 minutes and 1 second).

And finally… a rambling from Key Fob from Indalo H3

Hash House Harriers in Oria

It’s said when God created man he was looking for a template to create woman, that done He considered his work done. Man then took woman and created more men and the odd woman. The Hash then took men and looked for odd women.

Sunday May 3’s Hash following in this noble tradition had 10 hashers running after one odd woman. Just going to show that one woman can take ten men. Now we have got the PC crap out of the way it’s safe to say that out of a combined turnout of 37 Cambridge, Hastings, Truro and Indalo hash house harriers only a third were brave enough to take on what will henceforth be known as the MJH3 True Mountain Hash.

Starting off at an altitude equivalent to that of the peak of Snowdon the Hashers went up and up and up, so high in fact that had it not been for the clouds below us we could have seen the snow capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada some 200km distant, only coming down some two hours later to find that the other two thirds of the hash having meandered around the gentle slopes and pine forests surrounding Oria, a pretty little pueblo in the heart of Almeria little used to the raucous activities and drunken debauchery of what is commonly known as H3 had begun to consume the refreshments normally reserved for the well deserving runners.

Fortunately the virgin beer meisters Petal and Dyspraxia had the foresight to ensure that enough cold stuff was kept back to satiate those worthy runners. As ever this was a well organised hash, the absence of both RA and GM meant that we had to make do with the “hasbeen and wouldes”. That said the RA’ s both past and present performed admirably enjoying the unexpected limelight, they thought would probably never happen again.

The circle under the due direction of said RAs started in the gutter and remained there until Papparatzi managed to get off her knees, a position she has maintained since her marriage to El Rave last August. (It should be noted here that she no longer runs and he can’t). Thus proving that marriage is an unholy alliance promoted by the original WWW (women, walkers and wankers).

I’m digressing or in hash parlance off trail, something which Pedro has video evidence of. It’s not often that one man (I use the term loosely) can give so much head to so many without a recharge. Our haberdasher excelled himself in off loading more IH3 junk, sorry hash regalia, even managing to sell an Irma Ogden head scarf to El Rave. A word of caution here to those that think haberdasher is an easy position. It is not something that can be taken lightly and requires minutes of training to acquire the skills necessary to recognise items that are both useless and expensive and then offload them as items that are not only fashionable good value but also functional. A point demonstrated by VadiLostCock, who in his attempt to cut out the middle man has ended up with a T shirt of the wrong colour and only half his name. He has indeed now lost his Cock. Others be warned Puff has the franchise if not the training.

These ramblings are the result of the writer forgetting in his wisdom to nominate a scribe to record in the most intimate detail the proceedings that are the result of our illustrious hare and architect of today’s hash trails. The bionic Mr Norman Bates and his unworthy apprentice KeyFOB.

For those that I have omitted to mention it has everything to do with my memory and the amount of alcohol I consumed. Be assured I will remember even less tomorrow.

Key Fob

What’s happening in Almeria? Click HERE to browse, or to add your own event   

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  1. Clare Shirley May 4, 2015 at 5:44 pm

    La pequeñica will be in Albox for the next two weeks , first week in the big church by La parilla and the second week in the church in La Loma if anyone would like to visit her and see the marvellous work Joaquin Gilabert did restoring her to her former glory.

  2. Elle Draper
    Elle Draper May 5, 2015 at 9:53 am

    Thanks Clare x

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