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 Ayuntamiento de Huercal-Overa

Almeria news | Huércal Overa Queens

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The potential Huércal Overa Queens and Princesses are all geared up ready for the weekend’s judging. Once crowned, the Queen and Princesses will own their titles for the “Feria y Fiestas 2015” in the Almería town.

Almeria news | Huércal Overa Queens

Hopeful Queens

The potential Queen and her Ladies in Waiting

Six ladies have aspirations of becoming Huércal Overa’s next Queen, while eight little girls are after the roles of princesses.

Saturday evening at 9pm will see the decision made for the queen, while Sunday at 6pm will herald the princesses’ announcement. Both announcements are being made in the Teatro Villa

The six hopeful ladies are:

  • Natalia Espín
  • Encarni Egea
  • Toñi María Muñoz
  • Mari Carmen Marín
  • Rosario Gómez
  • Ana María García

Councillor for Culture, Antonio Lázaro, stressed: “This year has seen many girls come forward to be Queen of the Festival and we had to make a pre-selection for a group of six. The show will have the chance to see the candidates parade with different costumes and to get to know them a little better before the jury deliberates and chooses the next queen for Feria y Fiestas 2015 Huercal-Overa.”

The organizers are encouraging Huercalenses to attend and enjoy the event, or to watch everything unfold on the Levante channel TV, which will broadcast the gala live for all citizens of Huércal-Overa and the region.

Almeria news | Huércal Overa Queens

Hopeful princesses

The princesses

Eight girls are after the roles of princesses and all are fourth grade students from the town. These are:

  • Yanira Galera
  • Sheila García
  • María Molina
  • Rocío Pérez
  • Erika Palomo
  • Rocío González
  • Andrea Pérez
  • Ainara Rama.

In the parade on Sunday, the princess candidates will demonstrate flamenco dresses and casual wear before the decision is made. One will be crowned Princess, while the remainder will be her ladies in waiting.

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