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Almeria news. April 27

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Almeria news. April 27. News selection including election candidates, a result for a town hall, certificates for gymnasts, an update on building work and a happy ending. Published on Mondays.

This week we have split the Andalucia news into two – Almeria and the Costa del Sol. You can find the Costa del Sol news HERE

Almeria news

Hashing in Yegua de Alta

Almeria news - Hashing in Yegua de Alta - Run 167

Click HERE for more photos – thanks to Puff, the Hash Flash

After a break from hashing for a month or so, I returned and was immediately recommended as Hash Scribe. Apologies if any details are incorrect – my brain has been addled during the break in service, so I have forgotten one or two hash name… including Cosmo. Okay, I expect there will be a down-down for that… but having escaped one or two recently, its only fair.

Right… enough waffling… onto today’s events!

The charming hamlet of Yegua de Alta had its population swollen (cough) beyond belief today as the Indalo Hash House Harriers, plus a healthy contingent from Cambridge descended for Run 167.

The weather forecast was a little worrying as the day approached, but Key Fob spoke to the powers that be and arranged a good weather window. Sure enough, the sun came out and the blue skies made it perfect weather for the outing.

Before we all set off, the hares congregated to let us all know the plan. Well, I say all… Norman Bates had been banished to the other side of the fence with the dogs… so could only look on from a distance.

Off went the runners, racing through the fields (or so they claimed) although one or two came a cropper at the brook – particularly Kingfisher who tried to live up to his name. The walkers ambled through the lanes surrounded by poppies, sweet peas and other flowers that I can’t be bothered to Google.

The hash dogs especially had a great time, exploring their new domain and skipping up and down banks.

Slot Machine got herself into a tangle about a third of the way through the route when a prickly bush jumped out of nowhere, wrapped itself around her legs and refused to budge. Fellow hashers were their usual supportive selves, laughing and leaving her to fend off the prickly beast alone.

After heading up one or two “bastard hills,” as they soon became known, the hashers returned to Paramedic and Cosmo’s gaff for the closing circle.

Several punishments were doled out to hashers including to No Sense, Ma Bates and Puff for watering the campo (although a couple more should have owned up and been in the circle). Several for Cosmo who seemed to break a number of rules including a few made up ones. More for Screw on The Loose and Strap On for misunderstanding the hash symbols, Over de Fence for performing gentlemanly conduct. Necrophilia was punished for discarding his hash garb, going topless for part of the route and flashing his Calvin Kleins. Thankfully it was the top half he exposed and not the bottom. The Cambridge crew weren’t exempt and received various down downs for unlicensed taxi services, being a FRB and guessing at the route.

A hash virgin was christened too – welcome to Arse Ogler. Congratulations!

The circle closed with a song about nipples and the rousing “We’re Indalo H3” before the hashers enjoyed a super spread laid on by Paramedic and Cosmo.

A super hash with great company, great conversation and a fabulous spread.

There is a special hash next Sunday (May 3) with visiting hashers. It should be a good turnout by visitors, so let’s show them a warm welcome. Meet by 11am at Bar Pepe in Oria.

If you would like to join the Indalo Hashers, all you need is a sense of humour, a love of the outdoors and enjoy a beer or three. You don’t need to be a fitness freak, because some people walk the route too. If you’d like to find out more, visit www.indaloh3.com or drop a private message FAO Elle via this website.

Andalucia news - find CocoA happy ending

Readers of last week’s news round up will recall the story of Coco, who bolted from the car before she even reached her new home after been adopted from the DogHouse Rescue centre.

We are pleased to announce that Coco was found safe and well and is now enjoying lots of love and treats in her new home. Her owner, Sandie, said: She won’t leave my side. she slept on the bed with me last night! LOVE HER.”

Sandie would like to thank Glenn Randall for getting straight on the phone to say that Coco had been spotted and extra thanks to the lady who “lasso’d” Coco, avoiding another run.

Sandie added: “One of the other volunteers also rescued a dog today. That’s two re-homed and three long term sponsors for the dogs. Such a lovely happy ending.”

Work at the Doghouse in Urcal

Work has now commenced on re-building new kennels at the Doghouse in Urcal after losing many shelters during the severe winds in February. The Doghouse’s Little Helpers Pete, Dave. Phil, Anne, Sandy and Julie raised €1150 euros for the materials and are now helping re-build the kennels.

Work started over the past few days, and although the volunteers are doing well – they really could do with some extra pairs of hands. Is this something you could help with? If so, please telephone Annie on 634 309 590.Almeria news - Work at the DogHouse in La Alfoquia

Costa Women’s first Almeria meet up

Ladies – keep the afternoon of April 29 (3.30pm onwards) free in your diary and come and visit Spain Buddy’s Elle as well as a number of other ladies from around Almeria.

This is the first Costa Women event to be held in Almeria and it looks set to be a corker. It is an informal event and entrance is free… although you will want to bring money to buy yourself a drink or something to eat. It’s a great way to meet other women from the area whether you are seeking friendship or business networking.

The venue is Diego’s bar, which is diagonally to the left opposite the BP petrol station in Albox. For more information, join the Costa Women Facebook group. Alternatively you can phone Elle on 950 930 916 during office hours… although she will be out all day on the 29th.

We hope to see you there!

News from AUAN

Almeria news - auanAUAN and SOHA, the associations campaigning against planning abuses, have released information about an important new step taken by the Socialist Group in the Senate aimed at giving legal security to third party purchasers in good faith who invest in the Spanish property market. The Socialist Group has presented an amendment to an existing Bill to reform the Mortgage Act (Ley Hipotecaria) and the Catastral Property Act. It is anticipated that the proposed amendment of the PSOE will be debated in the Senate on the 12th and 13th May.

The amendment originated from a proposal developed by AUAN and its sister association, SOHA, in Malaga. According to the legal advisor of these associations, Gerardo Vazquez, ‘the idea of this amendment is to give greater legal certainty to the Property Register. A buyer must be able to rely on what the Land Registry says because that is why it exists. The problem is that there is an interpretation of the Mortgage Act by the Supreme Court that says the Land Registry does not protect innocent third parties against urban problems that have not been noted on the register. That is to say, anyone can buy a property that appears to be perfect according to the Land Registry, with no sign of a problem, but the house could be illegal and this person is not protected by the Register. This creates considerable legal uncertainty which this amendment proposes to resolve so that a third party purchaser has the right to rely on the legality of a construction inscribed in the Register’.

Asked about the chances of this amendment being approved Sr. Vazquez said ‘As I have said before I have confidence in the political parties. I believe that more and more there is an appreciation of the need to work to solve the real problems of the people, and I believe that we should all pull in the same direction to give legal security to the Spanish property market, encouraging investment and social and economic growth. The associations are grateful that their proposition has been supported by the Socialist group in the Senate, and hope that other political groups will join this initiative, because its approval depends on their support’.

Sr. Vazquez added however: “This amendment is not the end of the road but it is a big step along the way. AUAN, SOHA and another association in Cantabria known as AMA, have proposed another legislative change, this time to avoid the revocation of a planning permission and the demolition of houses without a guarantee of fair compensation to a third party who did nothing wrong. Because whilst it is true that the recent change in the Criminal Code gives purchasers in good faith some protection against demolition without compensation via the criminal courts, these demolitions can also be ordered by the administrative courts creating the necessity for a change to the law regulating the Administrative Courts. We understand that the PSOE is going to present a bill to the Spanish Parliament to do this. And it must be said that this change is not only being asked for by those affected in Andalucía but also by groups in other parts of Spain. It is especially significant that a few days ago, the Parliament of Cantabria asked for this change to the state law with the unanimous approval of all the political parties in this parliament, including the PP, PSOE and the Partido Regionalista de Cantabria.”

Albox news

Albox news - Andalucia Court agrees with AlboxAndalucia Court agrees with Albox 

The Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Andalucía (TJSA) has announced, following an appeal made by counsel Inmaculada Parrado, that the town of Albox had amply justified the reasons for the dismissal of a worker. Following the ruling, the employee will be compensated with 20 days per year worked instead of proceeding under her request, which would have cost back payment from the time she was initially laid off.

The sentence agreed with the reasons for labour adjustment outlined in the letter of dismissal. Despite the seven redundancies that occurred, most of the remaining staff accepted the reduced working hours and wages of between 20 per cent and 50 per cent with the view to return to the original conditions at a later date, after the restoration of economic stability of the Albox.

Albox council criticised the recent malicious reports from opposition groups that pushed for the council to pay hefty compensation. The opposition additionally severely attacked the work of local government and lawyers who were responsible for adjustments in 2013 that saved thousands of euros to the populace of Albox.

Mayor of Albox, Rogelio Mena, responded to the court’s outcome with enthusiasm. He said: “We welcome the decision of the court who has seen that Albox council acted appropriately and endorsed Albox council’s management.”

Arboleas news

Arboleas’ PSOE candidates presented

It’s no secret that Spain Buddy are fans of the council in Arboleas, so it was with pleasure that we accepted their personal invitation to attend the photo shoot of the PSOE candidates for the upcoming local elections, held at the town hall on April 24. Alan represented Spain Buddy and his photographs are already being used for the PSOE publicity.

14 candidates are standing (pictured) for the May election, proud to be shoulder to shoulder with Cristóbal Garcia Granados (Arboleas mayor). They are Cristóbal Garcia Granados, Josefa Rodriguez Gallegos, Roger Anthony Done, Mark Gavin Daniel, Herminia Mirella Granados Garcia, Michael John Page, Felipe Bonillo Rodriguez, Maria Jesus Torrente Garcia, Salvador Cabrera Trabalon, Juana Maria Martinez Cortes, Alan Thomas Pearce, Antonio Martinez Amoros (suplente), Maria Dolores Rodriguez Gallegos (suplente) and Cecilia Garcia Molina  (suplente).


A large percentage of the British and Irish residents of Arboleas have registered to vote and historically a high percentage of those turn up on the day to tick their favourite box.

Also, in the last few days, the Minister for Health from the Junta de Andalucia, Alfredo Valdivia, visited the part-built health centre in the town. The health centre has suffered delays in completion due mainly to cash flow issues when promises from the Junta were not honoured in terms of payment. This barrier seems to be removed, however, and new agreements are being drawn up to ensure that the project resumes and proceeds at a reasonable pace.

Arboleas continues to make improvements to the town’s infrastructure. During Cristóbal’s early years, the government team improved the town’s infrastructure, roads, water, and electric supply, and added the first industrial area to encourage business in the town. Recent activities include work on the rock walls and the creation of a pavement and cycle track at the town’s entrance, extensive works in El Chopo (which is now looking unrecognisable), and the new children’s playground near the town hall.

In addition, the recent team has placed a lot of focus on regularizing properties. In 2012 there were 3000 properties outstanding. Less than three years later and that figure is down to 300.

Cristóbal said: “This Goverment team is reaching the end of its term after four years in front of the Ayuntamiento de Arboleas. We have worked very many hours, averaging 10 hours daily throughout the legislature. We have also laid the foundations for Arboleas to return to be run and postulate as a town with a bright future. I appreciate and thank my councilors for the work achieved and the collaboration that they have contributed to our group at all times. It is noteworthy also to emphasize the service that has been provided to all the residents of Arboleas. The results of work well done and realised brings with it its fruits and rewards..The town have in their hands the opportunity to assess the services they have received..We await your verdict this coming 24-5-2015.”

Sophia Wellness kids get their certificates

The super gymnastics team at Sophia Wellness Centre has now received their certificates for the recent fundraising vaulting event.

Arboleas news - Sophia Wellness kids get their certificates 01 Arboleas news - Sophia Wellness kids get their certificates 02 Arboleas news - Sophia Wellness kids get their certificates 03 Arboleas news - Sophia Wellness kids get their certificates 04

In the photos (click to enlarge) are Jingles Smith, Alannah and Imogen Innes Bedford, Tallulah bamford, Ellie Bentley, Leon Furr Rose, Aimee Perez, Poppy Peak, Melissa Baker, Mimi and Luca Talbot, Rebecca and Callum Shaw, Ellie Salt, Jonah and Tilly Ketteringham, Leon Sear-Benton, Kiara and Ellen Maydew, Zoe Eagland, Elal Pearce and Teresa Crisp.

Stacey Smith, who runs the gymnastic events at Sophia Wellness Centre, said: “I have some amazing, incredible and almost unbelievable news to announce, I can officially confirm that our fund raising day collected an outstanding amount of €2228.44!!!!!!!! A few sponsors are still to be collected, but have been included in the overall amount. Wow, well done to all, equipment is being ordered as we speak.” Stacey has asked that anyone with forms and collected monies still to be handed in to please pop them into Sophia’s this week.

Stacey had nothing but praise for her young gymnasts, but especially wanted to add: “Well what an amazing last two months have been for our gymnasts, I have seen improvement in every single one of them! From Sylvia almost down in splits, Mimi ‘ s little cartwheel, Ella kicking out of bridge, Ellie extended splits and backward walkovering, Jingles backward walkovering, Lulu round off flick and landed front somis, Poppy forward walkovering off the board, Wow, wow, wow!!!! Everyone keep up the hard work, but most importantly keep having fun!!!!”

Fancy seeing the gymnasts in action? You can watch the team perform during La Hoya fiesta in Huercal Overa on May 3. For many of the gymnasts its their first time showing off their new moves so would love your support.

Directions: Take the exit off the motorway for Huercal Overa (the hospital turning, the 2nd exit for Huercal Overa.) Take a left towards St Maria De Nieva. Follow the road for about 10 minutes. When you come into Santa Maria, you will see a church on the left hand side. Take a left just before the church – it’s a tight squeeze, then keep right. It’s 10 meters up on your left. The display should be about 25 minutes.

Arboleas news - F.A.C.E. St George's Day quizF.A.C.E. St George’s Day quiz

The ladies of F.A.C.E. (Fundraising in Arboleas, Caring for Everyone) organised a fabulous quiz night using St George as the theme.

The quiz was held at the Bar Kubatin underneath the Hostel Meson in Arboleas.

The quiz master, David Cundy, devised 50 questions almost all of which related to St George, and included questions on sport, geography, general knowledge and litrature.

Eighteen teams of between four and six persons entered the event. The winners of the Wooden Spoon was a team representing Albox Insurance led by Glen and Jayne Urwin. The winning team was called Partaloa Players and they won €50.

In addition to the quiz there was also a raffle for prizes that had been donated by some of F.A.C.E.’s supporters and sponsors. The charity would like to thank all their sponsors on the night. They were Smooth FM Radio, Angels Nursing Group, Sol Yoga Centre and Avalon Europe who all sponsored one of the quiz rounds. Raffle prizes were donated by Anne Morton, Zoe West, Lorraine Cundy and Albox Insurance.

The main aim was of course to raise money for the various charities which F.A.C.E. supports on an on going basis. In this they were very successful raising just over € 500.

For further information about F.A.C.E. please ring Adele Wrigglesworth on telephone number  667 255 094 or take a look at Face Charity on Facebook or on our Web Site at www.face-charity.com

Mojacar news

Mojacar news - Dames in Spain AGM at the ParadorDames in Spain AGM at the Parador

The Dames in Spain held their Annual General Meeting on 21 April at the Parador in Mojacar. A cava reception started the proceedings with the compliments of the outgoing Chairman Myra Holmes.

The new chairman Irene Bensen presented Myra with a coffee machine, thanking her for all the hard work she has done for the Dames In Spain over the past 3 years. The well attended meeting was followed by a relaxed and excellent lunch.

The Dames’ next event on April 27 is a cookery demonstration by Chef Jeremy Stent at La Venta de Alfaix, the chef will be showing how to prepare and cook different fish dishes followed by lunch.

On May 19 the Dames will be holding their Charity Garden Party in Turre at Casa Gregory. It is a festive day with good food, good company, great raffle prizes and games for prizes with all proceeds going to charity. The entrance fee is €12 Which includes lunch and a drink. A selection of 3 individual rice and pasta dishes are being prepared Paella, Fideua and a curry.

There are limited places available. Tickets are available at Connexions Turre, The Oasis Mojacar
& Forget Me Knot at Buganvillas roundabout or for further information please telephone 950 529 399 or 950 956 130

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