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 Alan Gandy

Alan’s walk across the Canary Islands in 2012

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Those of you who know us will be aware that last spring Alan set off on a journey over all seven of the Canary Islands. In fact it was the same date as the date of this post. We’ve met a lot of new people since we’ve moved from Lanzarote to the mainland and through this site we’ve got friends and readers who didn’t know us back then.

AlanWith this in mind we thought some of you may be interested in ‘following’ Alan’s walk day by day and over the next three weeks we’ll be posting his progress daily, albeit a year later on this site for anyone who might be interested.

The posts were written by Elle each day to chart Alan’s progress. If you want to hear the story from the horse’s mouth you can buy Alan’s book ‘Walking the Canary Islands’ on Amazon.

To set the scene you might want to have a read through the last post that Alan wrote on his blog before setting off the following morning. Click here for the link to the article on Alan’s blog.

The first of the daily posts will follow in an hour from this page going live.

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