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 Ayuntamiento de Adeje

Adeje firefighters launch 2017 calendar

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The volunteer Adeje firefighters have published a 2017 calendar with funds raised going to the Asociación San Juan, which cares for special needs children and young adults.

Adeje firefighters launch 2017 calendar

The calendar costs €6 and features a series of photographs of the volunteers at work as well as of the San Juan organisation.

The calendar is on sale in the San Juan centre in the Calle Manuel Bello Ramos and in the Adeje School of Security and Social Harmony, in Calle Beneharo, in Las Nieves.

The Asociación San Juan

The Asociación San Juan is a non profit organization, established in June 1994. It promotes education in general and the assistance, recovery, education and social integration of people who need special care. To achieve this, the Asociación San Juan follows the methodology of Curative Pedagogy, Social Therapy and Waldorf Pedagogy.

It establishes relationships with existing initiatives in foreign countries pursuing a similar purpose with the aim of exchanging information, knowledge and adequate means for a better achievment of their goals.

The Association develops artistic activities and public representations, in order to promote the public interest, on the necessity of Waldorf Pedagogy, Curative Pedagogy and Social Therapy. It also organizes lectures, courses, workshops and seminars on information on Waldorf Pedagogy, Healing Pedagogy and Anthroposophical Social Therapy, in order to develop interest and participation.

The San Juan Association is a collaborating entity of the Government of the Canary Islands in the provision of Social and Socio-sanitary Services.

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