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 Ayuntamiento de Adeje

Adeje council condemns dog fighting

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Following on the news that has emerged this week of the existence of illegal dog fighting taking place in Güímar, this council wishes to express its total and absolute repugnance for this type of activity, which is an insult to human dignity and is an abuse of animals and will support whatever measures are deemed necessary to ensure that this kind of activity does not take place in any part of this island or in the Canaries in general.

Adeje council condemns dog fighting

This local government, having received the official information regarding the events, and the court proceedings regarding the detention of a member of the local police from this borough, has taken the following measures, bearing in mind current legislation and the disciplinary procedures already in place regarding local security forces.

  1. Provisional suspension of the agent in question from all of his duties and suspension of his salary as long as he remains in prison and is the subject of a court proceeding.
  2. Will instigate a disciplinary action following relevant administrative procedures which could, in this case, run concurrently with the court case.

This council, as must be the case, will always act in accordance with the law, and apply the presumption of innocence and not interfere with court proceedings which are underway in the respective tribunals, may also impose internal disciplinary actions.

The Adeje council would like to reiterate its absolute condemnation of the reported actions and insists that all possible assistance be given to the police and judicial authorities to ensure that such abominable practises are never tolerated in our society, a society that respects justice, dignity and respects and protects the rights of all living beings who form part of that society.

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