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158 dogs rescued from puppy mill

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The Guardia Civil have rescued 158 dogs from an illegal dog breeding facility, or puppy mill, close to Madrid. All have been rehomed with 85 needing medical attention.

158 dogs rescued from puppy mill

Guardia Civil agents seized 158 dogs during a raid on an illegal puppy farm located in the town of Navalafuente. The dogs were mainly small popular breeds.

The woner has been charged with various crimes due to definicies in the protection and welfare of animals.

Residents had made the authorities aware of the possible existence of the puppy farm, which led Seprina (animal protection division) to investigate further.

Once the agents entered the premises, they discovered the 158 dogs including breeds such as French Bulldog, Chihuauha and Yorkshire Terrier.

The owner was also discovered to be missing his breeding license. The agents also discovered 85 dogs in desperate need of medical attention. These dogs were either diseased, young puppies or pregnant bitches.

All the animals have been either homed or moved to authorised shelters in the area.

Puppy farms continue to be a blight across the globe. We would remind you that when purchasing a puppy, to check its history and ensure that it comes from a loving, registered home.

Of course there are many rescue dogs available that need loving homes too… and if you are prepared to wait a little while, or get the word out among your networks – your forever fluffy pal could be yours. We appreciate that people want particular breeds for their own personal reasons (we ourselves would only have Boxers or Labradors for example… for reasons that are nobody else’s business. Soem can only have certain breeds that don’t moult because of allergies – such as poodles) but all breeds can end up in rescue centres at some point.

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