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10k followers on Facebook

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We have just reached 10k followers on Facebook – thank you to you all! We love Facebook and it is our pleasure to keep bringing you the articles you love.

10k followers on Facebook

Although we try to keep the content on this website as relevant yet varied as possible, we simply don’t have enough hours in the day to write as much as we would like. But… on our Facebook Page (among other places), we also share links and articles from trusted sources and certainly items that you tell us you enjoy reading.

Facebook has always been our Social Network of choice and it is certainly where you will find us at our most active. We are therefore chuffed to pieces to hit the 10k mark. That 10k is made up of people just like you who are genuinely interested in Spain (we don’t buy followers) and we promise to keep bringing all of you what you love to read!

If you would like to meet up with us in other places too… there is a list below for you. See you there!

You will see mention of Gandy-Draper in the links below. For those of you that are unaware, this is our Web Design arm (established in 2006). You are always welcome to contact us for a no-obligation quote… our prices are extremely reasonable.

Other Social Networks

We know that it is rare these days, but some of you may not be using Facebook. We also have a few other places where we share content and you are welcome to join with us on those too if you like.

Twitter – we’ve been pretty open in the past that we’re not fans of Twitter. But we do also appreciate that any sensible business needs to have a presence on there. Here are three acounts that you may find useful.

Instagram – We have only recently got into Instagram, although our follower numbers are growing very quickly. We share lots of our own photos on there. Photos of our travels, of us and of our food. Oh okay and of wine and dogs too.

Google Plus – we don’t put a huge amount of effort into engaging on G+ but we still share oodles of articles for our friends on there and of course chat to whoever fancies a natter.

LinkedIn – again, we only really use LinkedIn for sharing useful articles… but we always reply to messages.

Pinterest – you will find all manner of goodies on Pinterest, and we’re also happy to pin imagery and articles by likeminded companies too. I also have a personal account (linked below)… but unless you wish to look at pictures of hairstyles, Christmas deccies, upcycling or snazzy things to do with corks… you probably won’t be interested in that.

Flickr – we don’t use our Spain Buddy Flickr account. We have found that Instagram covers what we need for imagery. But if you want to enjoy some of Alan’s photography… you will find that he is pretty active on there.

About.me – the About.me pages are merely business cards but if you’d like to have a nosey, here you go…

StumbleUpon – another Social network that we use to share  links but don’t really interact with. But if you’d like to see us on there, here’s the link

Yummly – I love Yummly! Not only do we get to share our recipes on there, but we can also easily access amazing dishes from all over the world. If you love food – you really should join Yummly.

You will find Spain Buddy, Alan and Elle dotted around the internet all over the place (hey, we do this for a living!) so if there’s a Social Network that we haven’t listed here that you would like to connect with us on… drop us a line and we’ll match up.

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  1. Wiz alush March 12, 2017 at 11:34 pm

    Thank you Facebook for 10k and for all

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